Untitled has just announced that they will now be offering players the chance to place their bets on a brand new blackjack table. This new offering will be added to the already thrilling collection of more than 200 HD bitcoin … Announces a New Bitcoin Blackjack

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Double in PontoonIn the game of Pontoon, doubling is a very tricky subject. There are different factors to consider than in the game of blackjack, and this is important to realize because so many Pontoon players start off with the foundations …

Learn How to Double in Pontoon With Success

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pontoon helpPeople who play blackjack often try to make a transition to pontoon. More often than not, players who make this transition aren’t adequately prepared, and this leads to them getting much worse payout rates than they could if they were …

Getting Pontoon Help for Blackjack Players

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Single Deck Blackjack Strategies

Single Deck Blackjack StrategiesWhen you start to get more in-depth with your study of blackjack, you’ll have to give up the low-hanging fruit of basic strategy and get into the study of more nuanced and detailed scenarios. With single deck online blackjack

Advanced Single Deck Online Blackjack Strategies for Hard Hands

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Ben Affleck BanThanks to certain books and movies, card counting is something that the general public knows a little bit about on some level. It’s a strategy for blackjack that involves keeping up with what the composition of the remaining cards is …

Ben Affleck Ban: Removed From Casino After Counting Cards

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caribbean-21-strategyAt online casinos powered by Realtime Gaming, you’ll have an opportunity to play a blackjack game called Caribbean 21. This game gives players the chance to split any two starting cards in exchange for having the player lose all …

The Best Introduction to Caribbean 21 Strategy

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Blackjack Switching Strategy

Blackjack Switching StrategyOne of Playtech’s blackjack games allows you the opportunity to switch two of your cards between two hands before you play them out. While the strategy of hitting, standing and doubling is pretty straight-forward in this game, the strategy of …

Blackjack Switching Strategy in Playtech Games

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double-double-downIf you’re a fan of blackjack, then you’ve probably seen or played Spanish 21 at some point. Something that’s very interesting about the Double Double Down rule for this game is that you have the option to double, surrender …

Double Double Down: A Popular Spanish 21 Rule

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blackjack dealer

blackjack dealer 2Most blackjack games, no matter what the particular rules are, will have the dealer standing on a soft 17. However, sometimes you’ll find games with the dealer hitting on a soft 17 instead. This might seem like a small …

Adjustments in Blackjack When the Dealer Hits on Soft 17

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Jackpot Grand - Blackjack

Jackpot Grand - Blackjack Though the exact history of Blackjack is unknown, most people are united on the fact that it derived its name by having the black of spades for the ace and the jack. People usually believe that this game had its …

Why is Blackjack so Popular?

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