Casino FAQ’s – Frequently Asked Questions

Casino FAQ'sWhether you are new to the world of online gambling or you are simply trying your hand at a new game, you might have questions that need answering and we’re here to help. We have put together this comprehensive Casino FAQ’s section that outlines everything from how to start playing at your favorite casino to which games pay the most. This allows you to familiarize yourself with all things casino related before placing a single bet. Please feel free to read through our FAQ’s section, and if you don’t find the answers you are looking for, feel free to contact us!

Casino FAQ's

  • What Do I Do To Start Playing?

    All you need to start playing in any casino of your choice is an internet connection and a device that can access that connection. While Laptops and PCs are compatible with online casinos, the smartphones and mobile devices that are compatible with mobile casinos will be outlined by those specific casinos. Remember, if you want to play for money, you will need to deposit cash into your online account.

  • How Do I Register With a Casino?

    To register with a casino, you will first need to choose one so that you can supply them with your personal information, such as your name and your address. In order to confirm your residency, you might need to supply a copy of your passport.

  • Will My Information Be Secure?

    The security measures that are taken to ensure your private information remains protected will depend on the casino with which you are registering, but there are many that will go to great lengths to secure this data. The casinos we promote are some of them, although no casino can guarantee that the data will be 100% secure, particularly due to the nature of the internet.

  • How Do I Deposit Money Into My Online Account?

    Once you have registered with a casino, you can deposit money into your account to begin playing for cash. There are a variety of methods that you can use to make these deposits and they are usually outlined by the casino with which you choose to register. Some of the deposit options offered by online casinos include; eWallets, wire transfers, credit and debit cards, among others. Keep in mind that there are certain options that will take a few days to clear, while others might be immediate.

  • Is There a Way To Track Deposits And Withdrawals?

    Yes, of course. Most online casinos will allow you to track all of your transactions. In fact, there should be a way to do this by turning to your online profile.

  • Is It Easy To Cash Out My Winnings?

    This depends on what you want to cash out, including how you have deposited your money and whether or not you made use of a deposit bonus when you deposited your money into your account.

    Firstly, in the event that you deposited via a deposit option that will take some time to clear, the casino might hold onto your winnings until your deposit has cleared. Secondly, if you've used a deposit bonus, you'll need to follow certain wagering requirements before you can withdraw your winnings. It is important for you to pay attention to the terms and conditions outlined by each individual casino, since this can have an effect on the ease with which you can withdraw your winnings. By reading the terms and conditions, you can make the decision about whether or not to support the casino.

  • How Do I Withdraw Money From My Account?

    The withdrawal methods that you have to choose from when you're done playing in an online casino will depend entirely on where you are located and the casino with which you are registered. There are certain countries that will allow you to withdraw your funds using a credit card, while others will limit their options a bit more. If you have decided to deposit funds into your account using a third party payment service, you might be able to withdraw your winnings in the same manner.

  • What About Withdrawal Limits?

    Many casinos have withdrawal limits, but not all of them. When withdrawal limits are attached, you might find that they are divided into daily, weekly and even monthly limits, and they will all be outlined by the casino. High roller casinos often offer much higher withdrawal limits than other players.

  • What Are Welcome Bonuses?

    The welcome bonus happens to be very appealing to players. Bonuses range from 100% match bonuses, which basically double a player's initial deposit, to free spins. It is generally a good idea to try and get the most out of the welcome bonus by opting for the biggest ones possible. You might find that some casinos offer 400% bonuses, allowing you to play with $4,000 after having deposited no more than $1,000. It is imperative that you pay attention to the terms and conditions of each bonus, however, since some of them are stricter than others. For more information on the best bonuses in the industry, you have to look no further than right here.

  • Is It Easy To Withdraw Bonus Money?

    In order to prevent people from taking advantage of bonuses, only to withdraw them straight away, online casinos have implemented wagering requirements that need to be met before these amounts can be withdrawn. You will most likely have to gamble this amount more than once before you can withdraw it. Most casinos tend to boast a withdrawal amount of more than 95%; if you can make a profit, it is more than likely that you will be able to keep it.

  • How Old Must I Be To Play?

    In order to sign up for an account, you will usually need to be 18 years or older, but this might change depending on the laws of the country in which you are living. Casinos need to adhere to the laws that are outlined by the country in which they are operated and played. When it comes to free games, however, there aren't any age limits that are applied.

  • Is Free Play Available?

    Casinos almost always offer an option called 'free play' that allows individuals the chance to play the games without any money involved. This feature is a great way for players to try out the games and learn how they work without having to risk their money in the process. You will usually receive a certain amount of credits that can be used to place bets. These will be refreshed once they run out so that players can continue to enjoy themselves. Remember, however, that you won't be able to cash out any winnings obtained from free play. For that, you'll need to play with real money!

  • How Can I Tell If a Casino Is Safe?

    This is one of the questions that tend to come up a lot. Since players are depositing and withdrawing real money to and from their online accounts, they want to know their personal information is safe. All of the casinos that we have listed have been picked because they have put top quality security measures in place to ensure that the personal information belonging to their players remains secure.


    Players who want to pick their own casinos should ensure that they offer industry standard encryption (e.g. the 128-bit SSL) so that your personal information doesn't fall into the hands of the wrong people.

  • Is It Safe To Make Deposits Into An Online Account?

    Yes. When you play with the online casinos that we have listed, you can rest assured that you can make deposits without worrying about safety. Keep in mind that these casinos use encryption technology to ensure your transactions are kept between you and your casino.

  • How DO I Know The Games Are Random?

    You wouldn't play in an online casino if the outcomes weren't random, right? How do you know this is the case? RNGs, or Random Number Generators ensure that the results of every game are random and these are utilized by top quality casinos, including every one that we list. The certified RNGs are put in place to make sure that spins and cards are arbitrary. Remember, casinos have a built in advantage in every one of their games, so they don't need to cheat their players.

  • Is It Legal To Gamble In My Country Of Residence?

    Each country outlines its own rules when it comes to online gambling. We recommend our players take the time to find out what the rules are concerning online gambling within their country of residence so that you don't take a chance with regards to breaking any laws.

  • I've Heard Of Rogue Casinos, What Are They?

    While there are many casinos that go to great lengths to provide their customers with top quality service, there are a few who actually ignore their customers when it comes to withdrawing their winnings. The customer support teams of these casinos aren't very helpful. They tend to send their clients on wild goose chases, which inevitably end up in disappointment and they are called 'rogue' casinos. We strongly recommend that you stay away from these rogue casinos. We have gone to great lengths to review all the casinos that we recommend to our clients so that they don't have to worry about whether they are honest and fair.

  • What Can Problem Gamblers Do To Get Help?

    We want our players to enjoy their online gambling experiences in a responsible manner. Those that think they might have a problem with gambling, on the other hand, should seek assistance. Many casinos promote programs that will assist gamblers in dealing with their addiction. These casinos provide identity checks to prevent minors from registering and playing for money, and players can even choose to ban themselves from the casino. For more information on these matters, you should contact the customer support teams of the casino of your choice.

  • Which Games Can I Play?

    When you register for an online account, you will most likely find that you can play all of the same games that you will find in a brick-and-mortar establishment. This isn't all, however, since you might actually find a whole lot more. Some of the more traditional games offered online include; roulette, poker, slots and blackjack.

  • How Much Money Is Up For Grabs?

    The good news is that there is no limit to the amount that you can win in an online casino, just like brick-and-mortar establishments. Remember, however, that just as quickly as you can win money, you can lose it just as fast. We recommend that players manage their funds properly so that you don't end up burning through your bankroll. Keep in mind that you should only ever play with money that you can afford to lose.

  • What Is a Progressive Jackpot?

    Progressive jackpots can quickly reach into the millions and they add to the appeal of online casinos. These types of jackpots are basically that are accumulated throughout a casino, or via various casinos, and so they tend to grow very fast. It isn't uncommon to find these jackpots reaching into the millions. The most exciting thing about this type of jackpot is that anyone can win them at just about any time, so you never know when you might be the lucky one.

  • What Casino Game Pays The Most?

    The most profitable online game tends to vary, depending on who you speak to. Slot games, for one, tend to be exciting because if you hit it big, you can win a lot of money. When you hit the tables, on the other hand, you will most likely need to pick between the blackjack and roulette, both of which have a lot to offer.

  • Are Limits Imposed?

    The limits that are associated with each game will depend on the site through which you are playing. Some casinos don't offer limits, while others are quite strict. When it comes to high roller casinos, players don't always have limits imposed on them.

  • How Do I Find Out More About Average Payouts?

    Each casino has an average payout that are audited by TST or eCOGRA to ensure that everything is above board and players can find out more about this by turning to the right resource. It is easy to find out the certified payout percentages, you simply need to turn to the site and everything should be presented for you. Casinos that are reviewed and listed by us all have verified payout percentages ranging from 90% to more than 95%.

  • What Does The Term 'Gamblers Fallacy' Mean?

    Gamblers fallacy is basically the belief that a certain type of event is 'bound to occur' simply because the opposite has occurred a specific number of times. After flipping a coin and having heads turn up 3 times, for instance, people might assume that 'heads' has a higher chance of 'coming up'. This is a gamblers fallacy because each flip of the coin has the same chance of 'coming up', no matter how many times one side has appeared.

  • Can I Communicate With The Other Players?

    One of the great things about playing in an online casino is that it allows you the chance to communicate with the other players, particularly when you play multi-player games. Live games also offer you this chance, including the opportunity to communicate with the dealer, just as you would in a real casino.

  • Why Should I Register With An Online Casino?

    There is no doubt that land based casinos offer exciting opportunities for players to enjoy their favorite games and stand a chance to win money, but online casinos offer a unique opportunity to do all this from the comfort of your own home. Mobile casinos are making this all the more exciting by allowing you to place your bets from a mobile device or smart phone.

  • How Do I Find Software To Play Online Games?

    In order to start playing in an online casino, you might need to download the software that a casino is built on. You don't have to go looking for this software; each casino will provide you with the link that you can click on to start the download. Remember, you'll most likely need to do this every time you register with a new casino.

  • Can I Play On a Macintosh?

    Yes. Many online casinos allow players to play on a Macintosh computer. Casinos that are Macintosh compatible have internet based platforms of their own because players can't make use of just any software to play online.

  • Can I Play On an iPhone Or Android Mobile Phone?

    There are many casinos that are compatible with iPhones and Android phones.

  • How do I avoid unreliable casinos online?
    You need to learn how to evaluate casinos based on the Terms and Conditions on what they have to offer. The best online casino will have reliable 24/7 customer support and good reviews for their visitor. Use this to avoid untrustworthy gambling sites.
  • Can I Find legitimate Online Casino Sites?
    Yes, legitimate online casino sites are available on the internet. Choose casinos with valid licenses for internet gambling operations.