Blackjack FAQ’s

Blackjack FAQ'sOnline Casino Listings has put together a comprehensive blackjack FAQ’s section so that our players never have to look too hard when it comes to answering all of their most commonly asked questions. This guide contains everything from where to locate the most trustworthy blackjack casinos online to explanations of some of the most commonly used phrases in the game. The FAQs are there to assist new players, as well as advanced players as they go about searching for the best online casinos, all the while looking to continue improving their abilities in one of the most exciting games any casino has to offer. If you don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Blackjack FAQ's

  • Where Do I Find Trustworthy Blackjack Casinos Online?
    We know that it can be tricky searching for trustworthy sites online, which is why we've gone through a lot of trouble to put a comprehensive list of all the best and most trustworthy blackjack sites together. All the information you need to make a decision about a site is right here in our reviews, so be sure to have a look through them.
  • How Do I Get Started Playing Blackjack Online?
    You don't need anything more than a compatible mobile device and an internet connection to start playing Blackjack online. You will be able to choose from a wide range of casinos that offer instant play or downloadable casinos, which makes this appealing to just about anyone.
  • Where Do I Get The Software From?
    Blackjack casino software is obtained via the online casino of your choice. You'll usually find a link that you can click on that will take you through the download process. In order to complete the download, you will most likely have to fill out a quick registration form, but this won't take much longer than a couple of minutes.
  • Can I Play Blackjack For Free?
    Yes, most sites offer a free play option that allows players the chance to acquaint themselves with the casino before putting down real money. This option is risk free and gives you the chance to familiarize yourself not only with how the game is played, but also the graphics, sounds and even customer service associated with the casino.
  • What Do The Abbreviations Mean?
    When you are playing in an online casino, you might notice certain abbreviations being used fairly often, and it helps to get to know a bit more about what these mean.

    "BSE:" basic strategy edge, which means you could benefit from better odds just by using a basic strategy.
    "D10/11:" players are only allowed to double down on 10s and 11s.
    "DOA:" double down on any of the initial cards.
    "ESR:" early surrender allowed.
    "DAS:" double down is only possible once you split your pair.
    " H17:" dealers must hit on 17.
    "LSR:" players are allowed to surrender their hand when dealer gets a non-natural blackjack.
    "RSA:" aces can be re-split.
    "S17:" dealer must stand on 17.
    "O/U:" player can bet under and over thirteen.
  • What Does It Mean to 'bust'?
    A player 'busts' when they have a hand that exceeds 21. This also means the player has lost. Dealers can also bust when their hand exceeds 21.
  • What Does It Mean to 'Hit'?
    This means to draw another card.
  • What Does It Mean For a Player To Be Insured?
    Getting insurance is what happens when a player makes a side bet that amounts to half of their original bet. This happens when the dealer's upcard is an ace. In the event that the dealer ends up with a natural 21, the insurance will pay 2:1.
  • What Is a Push?
    A push occurs when the hands are tied and a player's money is returned to them.
  • What is a Surrender?
    A surrender occurs when a player chooses to fold. Not all tables allow this option. When this happens, a player loses only half their bet, instead of all of it.
  • Should I Surrender Early If My Cards Aren't That Good?
    Even a bad hand can be won if a player plays them the right way. For this reason, players should always think twice about getting out long before the hand is played out.
  • Are The Odds Of Online and Land Based Blackjack The Same?
    The odds of playing online and via a land based casino are the same because the rules stay the same, but players can use casino bonuses and other perks to try and make up for the house edge.
  • Are The Blackjack Games Rigged?
    No. Online casinos are required to meet with certain regulatory standards that ensure the results of each hand are fair and random. The house does have an in-built edge, which means that it doesn't need to rig games.
  • Is Card Counting Possible In a Game Of Online Blackjack?
    Yes, but because of the pace that an online game is played, it's much harder.
  • Can I Use Strategy To Improve My Game?
    While there is most definitely an element of luck to playing blackjack, there are also many great strategies that players can put to use to increase their chances of winning in online and land based casinos. It isn't possible to use a blackjakc strategy that gives a player an edge over the house, but it is possible for them to level the playing field.
  • Why Do Casinos Burn The Top Card?
    There are a few reasons why casinos burn the top card, but the most common one is to dissuade cheaters from taking advantage of the game. This is especially true with dealers who might be able to signal what a card is to another player. They burn the card so that no one will know what this top card is. Burning the top card also makes it a bit more difficult for people to effectively count cards.
  • What Sort Of Bankroll Do I Need To Play Blackjack?
    You need a bankroll in order to play blackjack, but this doesn't mean it should be particularly large. Setting a bankroll ensures that you don't spend more than you have in a session, and if you end up losing everything, it shouldn't hurt you financially. Most professionals advise that a hand shouldn't be more than 5% of your bankroll.
  • Is It Worth Reading 'Million Dollar Blackjack' by Ken Uston?
    Million Dollar Blackjack was written in the 1970s by a man called Ken Uston who actually quit his job to become a professional blackjack player. He then went on to write about his tactics and techniques, including a book that described his battle to actually allow casinos to accept card counters.
  • What Is The Flaw Theory?
    The flaw theory is a scam. It is basically a theory that is based on the idea that those who have written extensively on basic strategy don't actually know what they are talking about. This theory actually suggests that Edward Thorp, one of the major writers on the matter, made a mistake, and since then, no one has thought to correct it. This isn't true, and in fact, basic strategies were actually created with the help of software simulations, which were then analyzed by a wide range of writers and mathematicians. If the theory was flawed, they would all have to have been wrong.
  • What Is 6:5 Blackjack?
    6:5 blackjack is basically the money that a player would have bet on a natural 21. Most games will offer a 3:2 ration on blackjack, which means that a player would have made $3 on top of an original bet of $2 if they got blackjack. In a game of 6:5, however, a player only gets $2.40, as well as their original bet of $2.
  • Are There Any Exceptions To a Basic Strategy That I Need To Know?
    Expert gamblers will recommend that players should diverge from the basic strategy every now and again, but only in rare situations, and only for more advanced players.
  • What Does It Mean When a Casino Uses 'Las Vegas Rules'?
    If you've heard a casino state that they use 'Las Vegas Rules', this basically means that they follow the same rules that are outlined by casino operating in downtown Las Vegas. This basically means that dealers hit on soft 17 and stand on hard 16. It also means that players can re-split hands and that opting for insurance is allowed.
  • Does Blackjack Give Me The Best Odds?
    Yes, if you are playing with the right rules. A classic game of blackjack that is played using two decks often offer the best odds for a player. Players might want to stay away from games that offer side bets, because these almost always offer a higher house advantage.
  • Do Single Deck Games Trump Double Deck Games?
    Single deck games do tend to be better than double deck games when everything else is equal.
  • What Does 'Shuffle Up' Mean?
    The term to 'shuffle up' basically means that the casino is shuffling the deck too soon. This is usually a technique that is employed when the casino suspects someone of card counting.
  • Are Blackjack Tournaments Won By Luck?
    The odds of a player winning a blackjack tournament depend on how well you play the game, although there is an element of luck associated with it. The experts will tell you, however, that your betting patterns will have a big impact on your chances of winning, and since these tournaments tend to be about building up a large chip stack, players need to use their max bets to their advantage and minimum bets for their low-odds hands.
  • What Does It Mean To 'Toke a Dealer'?
    Toking a dealer basically translates to tipping a dealer.
  • Is there a Correct Basic Blackjack Strategy?
    Yes, there is a correct basic blackjack strategy, but there are also slight variations on this strategy that depend greatly on established rules that are put in place by the casino in which the game is played. Casinos often vary their rules somewhat, which means that players need to adjust their strategies accordingly. Players should also keep in mind that the number of decks they are playing with will have an influence on the most effective strategy.

    Anyone looking for information on the correct blackjack strategy can turn to the Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin, or Basic Blackjack by Stanford Wong.
  • Can Other Players Influence You Long Term Results?
    No. Ignore all other players at a table because whether they are good or bad players, they could end up helping you as often as they hurt you.
  • Should I Take Out Insurance?
    It depends on your strategy. Card counters know how to make the most out of a situation where they are offered insurance, but strategy players should simply decline. After all, winning 3 to 2 is much better than winning even money.
  • What Common Play is Considered The Worst in Blackjack?
    The worst possible play a player many players tend to make is standing on a double 8 when they should be splitting them. It is believed that players will lose around 70 cents per dollar every time they do this.
  • What is Better: a Single or Multi-Deck Game?
    It depends. Multi-deck games offer a 0.5% to 0.6% disadvantage when compared to a single game that follows precisely the same rules. This difference can be explained, however, by the difference it makes when a card is removed from a single deck (which is big) when compared to the difference it makes in a multi-deck (negligent).
  • Can You Make Millions From Blackjack If You Know How To Beat The Game?
    Many people claim to know how to beat a game of blackjack, and yet there are very few individuals who are making millions from this skill. This is because a range of factors go into determining whether a person walks away with anything, as well as how much they walk away with. A person with a small bankroll often stands a high risk of losing everything in a short space of time, and often only walks away with a small profit. Using this strategy to make millions is not always a real possibility.
  • Can I Make A Lot Of Money Counting Cards?
    This will really depend on your skill level. Most people attempting this strategy will be more likely to lose. Your chances of walking away with real cash will depend on a few factors, including the quality of the game, the risks players are willing to take, their skill level and their bankroll. Overall, having a good mixture of these facets will give a counter between a 0.5% and a 1.5% long term advantage. This does not always equate to a lot of money, however, which is what players should keep in mind.
  • Is It Illegal To Count Cards?
    No. Card counting is not illegal at all.
  • Are Card Counters Still Barred From Casinos?
    Yes. Many casinos watch out for and bar card counters. This will depend on the policy of the casino in question, however, so players should take the time to find out before setting their sights on a specific establishment.
  • Is There a Card Counting System That is Considered The Best?
    No. Unless a person is able to think, remember and behave exactly like a robot, there is not a single greatest card counting strategy. Humans are naturally flawed and having certain limitations that they need to take into account. It is generally best to keep things simple when it comes to counting cards.
  • Which Variations Yield The Most Gain For Card Counters?
    Knowing when you should take insurance, as well as when you should stand on 16 when faced with a dealers 10 are both variations that will yield the best results for card counters.
  • Why Do Casinos Offer Blackjack If The Game Can Be Beaten?
    The money a casino loses because of card counting is only a fraction of what they make from people who either can not play the game, or think they can take on the house.
  • Is Card Counting a Players Only Chance At Beating Blackjack?
    No. Throughout the years players have come up with many ways to beat the game. Casinos constantly look out for these loopholes, and while they have accommodated for many of them, there are still those that a player can take advantage of. Some of the concepts that players who are interested in beating the house might want to look out for include basing, warps, flashing, front loading and sidebets.
  • What Books Are Recommended For Blackjack Players?
    Some of the highest quality blackjack strategy books were published years ago, and they include Beat the Dealer by Edward Thorp and Theory of Blackjack by Peter Griffin.
  • How Do I Start Learning How To Win at Blackjack?
    Start by reading the best books on blackjack strategy. Learn the basics before using what you have learned in a casino, placing only small bets. Make sure that you do not follow advice that promises more than a 1.5% advantage and do not get pulled into progressive betting or money management strategies. Remember, it takes time to learn this skill, so make sure you are willing to be patient.
  • Is There a Secret To Winning at Blackjack?
    Yes, but it requires that players take advantage of situations as they appear. Players who find the perfect balance between skill, risk and bankroll are usually the ones who can make the most of these opportunities as they are presented to them.