Best Online Casinos – Beginners Guide

Best Online CasinoOnline gambling industry has made a big leap forward since the first real money online casino site was introduced in early 90’s. Now there are hundreds of brands and about a dozen of software developers that constantly strive to innovate and create the best possible playing experience. Players are also able to gamble from their mobile devices and tablets with ease. That’s exactly how far this industry have grown – from nothing to a huge monster generating billions in revenue every month. More and more are striving to find the best online casinos.

What if you are a new player looking to gamble online, but have got no idea about where to begin with? Well, that is exactly the topic we are about to build this article around. Kind of like an online casino 101 and the perfect guide for new players to find the best online casinos.

Best Online Casinos

Best Online Casino Games

There are thousands of games available in today’s online gambling environment, starting with various slots featuring different features, icons, themes and payouts and ending with some completely innovative solutions, such as live dealer casinos. Sky is the limit and if there is a game or game type you have found at a land based, brick & mortar casino, it is very likely that this particular game is also available for play at the best online casinos.

Why did we start with games? Our subjective opinion is that games are the most important aspect of a casino site, with trust and reputation being right there too. What is it that drives you to look for the best online casinos after all? We think that games are exactly that, so do not settle on quality or lack of them, when trying to find a casino.

Best Online Casino Software’s

This aspect works hand in hand with games, as software developers are usually the ones who provide existing games and develop new ones. What we are getting to here is that once you like games from a specific software provider, you should stick with include having games from that particular software provider as something to base search on.

There is a handful of gambling software developers that could be considered as somewhat famous within the industry. These stand out with the quality and features of their games as well as constant innovation and multi-platform compatibility. Lets have a look at the top 3 of them, in our subjective opinion.

Net Entertainment is a publicly traded company based in Sweden and sort of an upcoming star within the online gambling industry. Even though the company was established in 1996, right in the time for online gambling boom, they did not earn recognition right away. Today, on the other hand, they are one of the most popular platforms and game developers out there, with over 100 high quality slot games and table games offered. You will definitely find some of the best online casinos using this software.

Their NetEnt Touch technology is also completely ground breaking platform for mobile devices powered by IOS operating system. Players are able to benefit and enjoy fully responsive touch screen control enabled games of the highest quality out there.

Microgaming are true pioneers of online gambling and the company that is considered to be a current industry leaders. Their products are not limited to online casino games, though. MicroGaming also owns an online poker network and offer bingo and sports betting solutions. When it comes to their casino offerings, they are still a little bit old school – majority of their games have been developed years ago and there are about 450 of them in total. However, whatever they put their hands and efforts on today, seems to be amazing by all means.

Software developed by Microgaming is also fully compatible with almost any portable device, including mobile phones and tablets. Their range of games includes a dozen of slot machines and most popular table games, such as Blackjack, Baccarat and Roulette.

Playtech is another giant company in online gambling. Similarly as MicroGaming, PlayTech also offers a wide range of products, apart from their online casino platform. It actually is even wider for this company, as they operate the worlds largest online poker network, a bingo room, binary options solution as well as their own betting platform.

What’s great about them is that players who chose to play at Playtech powered casinos are able to enjoy a number of games themed after very popular movies, books or characters. This includes the Pink Panther, Incredible Hulk, Rocky and several more top notch online slot games.

They also offer a great mobile casino solution with a mobile slot holding the world record for the highest jackpot ever paid to a mobile punter – Gold Rally slot!


Choosing a reputable, trusted gambling site is a back stone to having a pleasurable playing experience and this aspect should be high on your list of priorities, when looking for the best online casinos. There are several ways to judge whether a particular casino can or cannot be trusted.

  • Do a Google search with the brand name and add words that would not be a good sign, should any results appear, such as ‘’scam’’. You can even input a question of whether casino x is reputable and get some insight.
  • Is the brand owned by a publicly traded company? It usually is a good sign if this is the case, but as the past has proven, you should not account on this being the deciding factor.
  • How long has this casino and company operated. The longer, the better,but again – do not decide only using this aspect. There are companies that have been in the industry for a decade, but still cannot be trusted.

Most people definitely take this aspect too easily and do not really try to do proper research before depositing their own money. Sure, you might think that those $50 won’t change your life, even if the casino is not to be trusted, but what if you win. What if you win big, like a million dollars? That’s completely possible and thus, from now on, you will always take proper action and do your homework before joining a casino.


Real money casino play involves making deposits and withdrawals, so banking is also high on the list of important aspects for any casino. With this we refer to the actual online casino banking methods that are offered and the amount of time in whom transactions are processed.

The difference in variety of banking methods offered comes from the markets a particular casino targets. Sure, there are common methods like credit cards and some e-wallets, but the rest of methods offered will be completely up to the competence of casino and thus responsible for payments. The right way to think of this is by asking yourself two questions. What method I want to use for making a deposit? Is this method available for withdrawal too? Sometimes it might be handy to check whether this banking method allows some big withdrawals to be made, as you never know whether you will win big or not.

Having your favorite banking method available is not the whole story, though. There’s something that we consider equally or even more important than that – period of time that casino takes to process withdrawals, as up to this day, there still are casino sites that will take weeks to pay you. After working closely with various gambling sites, we are competent enough to tell you that if they wanted it bad enough, payouts could be as quick as a couple of hours.

Bonuses & Promotions

There is nothing better than free money and that is exactly what bonuses and promotion mean in the online gambling industry. Sure, you will have to put your money on the line in order to claim this supposedly ‘’free money’’, but you would do the same without any online casino bonus offers, just to play your favorite games. All this put together helps you realize that bonus offers and promotions are actually quite an important aspect, when choosing a casino site.

Size of a particular bonus does not necessarily mean anything, it is the value that counts. Always read the terms and conditions for a bonus and try to determine how well they fit you and the games you are looking to play.

Final Thoughts

To summarize what we have gone through in this article, we could say that there are two steps to take before you’ll find the perfect casino site for yourself.

  • Determine what your need are. What games are you looking to play and what banking method fits you best. Is there a software platform you prefer?
  • Search for a casino site by taking everything you are looking for into account. The world’s largest search engine, Google, will definitely come handy here.

Even if it seems like there is no casino site for you, don’t settle. With thousands of online casinos out there, there sure is a perfect one for everybody, including yourself.