Slots FAQ’s – Slots Frequently Asked Questions

Slots FAQsOnline Casino Listings has put together a comprehensive Slots FAQ’s section so that our players have a go-to guide for everything slot-related. We understand that it doesn’t matter whether you are new to the world of online slots, or an old hand at these games, when you have a question, you don’t want to go searching far and wide for an answer. Luckily, we have all of the most commonly asked questions and answers right here, from “are slots random?” to “which slots offer the best odds?” Keep in mind, if you don’t find what you are looking for, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Slots FAQ's

  • What are Online Slots?

    Online slots are basically the slots that are being offered by online casinos. In order to play, individuals will need to register with an online casino, choose a game and then wager either real or free money to play. The latest slots on the market have a lot to offer in terms of exciting graphics and thrilling sound content. 

  • Are Slots Random?

    Yes. Slot machines are regulated with Random Number Generators (RNG) that ensure that the symbols that come up are completely random and do not make use of any patterns whatsoever. The software should be regularly tested to ensure that it is operating in a fair and completely unbiased way. 

  • How Do I Know An Online Slot Is Legitimate?

    There are certain things that a player can look out for to ensure that a casino is fair and responsible. Certifications from well known agencies, such as eCOGRA and TST ensures the software being utilized is fair. Certifications from companies such as VeriSign and Thawte inform consumers that the banking transactions are safe and secure, while certifications such as GamCare lets a player know that the operator is fair and responsible. 

  • Is It Possible To Spot Patterns?

    No. Previous spins do not have any bearing on the outcome of a present spin, so it is not possible for people to be able to spot patterns in slots. In fact, there isn't anything a player can do to increase their chances of winning. 

  • Should I Use The Gamble Feature?

    It depends on you. The gamble feature does not have a house age, although it is up to each player to determine whether or not they are comfortable using it. People who enjoy taking risks tend to make use of it a bit more often, while those that don't tend to stay away.

  • Is There a Difference Between Online And Land Based Slots?

    Somewhat. While online slots and those that are found in land based institutions tend to operate in basically an identical way, there are certain differences. When accessing online slots, a person can access many slots from one device. This isn't possible with a land based slot machine, since these usually contain only one game. 

  • What Are Paylines?

    Paylines are basically defined positions where the symbols will appear across the reels, and they are situation in a specific position on the reel. These should be activated before the reels begin spinning, and the amount that is wagered on a spin will depend on how many of them have been activated. Payouts are only obtained for those symbols that appear on the activated paylines. 

  • What Are Payout Percentages?

    Basically, payout percentages are the amounts that a slot machine has paid out relative to the amount that has been wagered on the slot. This number is represented by a percentage and is also referred to as the average return to a player. Most online slots have an average payout percentage of about 95%. 

  • What are 3 Reel Slots?

    3 reel slots are slot machines that contain three spinning wheels. These are similar to the first slot machines that appeared on the market decades ago. 

  • What Are Video Slots?

    Video slots tend to have 5 reels and many more paylines than 3 reel slots.

  • What Are Progressive Slots?

    Progressive slots form a pool of winnings that increase with every wager that is made. In order to win the pool, a player needs to get a specific combination of symbols to appear on the reels. 

  • What Are The Pros Of Online Slots?

    Only people who enjoy playing online slots should play online slots. Not only is there a wide range of games to pick from, but they are also audio-visually stimulating, which make them all the more exciting. Players should never try to use online slots to generate income. 

  • What Are Flat Top Slot Machines?

    Flat top slot machines have fixed jackpots instead of ever increasing jackpots. 

  • What If I Don't Want Junkmail? Should I Still Join a Casino?

    No one likes junkmail. Any casino worth its salt won't sell your details onto a third party, and they will only inform you of offers that they think will really be of interest to you. If you don't want this sort of mail, you simply need to opt out from their offers.

  • Are All Slots Regulated?

    Only slot machines in licensed casinos are regulated, and there are many casinos that are not licensed. It is up to players to make sure that they know which casino they are signing up to, as well as to look for the certifications that show the casino is properly regulated.

  • Which Slots Offer The Best Odds?

    When all things are equal, the slots that offer the best odds are those that play at a higher denomination. Generally, however, non-progressive slot machines that offer the lowest payouts offer the best odds, which is why many people don't head for the progressive slots the moment they enter a casino. When the progressive slots do hit, however, a player can walk away with heavy pockets indeed. It is because these progressive slots are so 'flashy' that casinos are able to get away with increasing the house edge and continue making them appealing to players. 

  • What Is The Martingale Betting System?

    The Martingale Betting System is basically a progressive betting system. In order to put this system to work, a player will usually start out with a specific amount, like $5 and if they win, they'll bet the same amount. If they lose, they'll double their bet. If a player wins on the doubled bet, they will then go back to their original bet. It should be noted that the casino already has a big house edge when it comes to slots, so there is no betting method that will ensure a player walks away a winner. What is more, mathematical simulations have proven that this betting system doesn't really make a difference in the long run. This can also be a dangerous game to play for players who end up betting more than they can afford to lose. 

  • Do Certain Slots Offer a 100% Payout Percentage?
    There are certain slots that offer a 100% payout percentage, and these are put in place to attract players to a casino. The problem with these, however, is that while players can make money on these games, they tend to be much slower and not very entertaining, so players often lose interest very quickly. This allows casinos to limit their losses when it comes to these games.
  • Are the Slot Symbols Weighted?
    Online slot symbols are not weighted in the same way as they are in land based machines, but they work in a similar manner. Online slots are programmed in such a way that certain symbols have a higher chance of coming up than others, which is how the odds are calculated.
  • Is It a Good Idea To Play Higher Denomination Machines?
    You should only play higher denomination machines if you can afford to. While these machines do tend to offer higher payout percentages, if a player does not have the appropriate bankroll to support this sort of strategy, they will quickly run dry and most likely have nothing to show for it.
  • Should I Purchase a Slot Machine For My Home?
    If you really enjoy playing the slots, you can always purchase one for your home, but keep in mind that you most likely will not be able to bet or win real money on these machines, so this takes some of the fun out of it. You might still enjoy the game, however, so it is up to you to decide whether this is worthwhile.
  • Are Warm Machines Good Luck?
    No. Most land based slot machines are warm because they are constantly running, so this is not an indicator that one is better than another.
  • Is There a Solid System For Beating a Slot Machine?
    Not really. The odds are that the longer you play, the more you will end up losing. The best strategy is to look out for a machine that looks like a lot of fun and enjoy yourself instead of using slots to make money. If you win, that is great, but if you do not, it will not be the end of the world.
  • Where Can I Find Out About The Payout Percentages?
    It depends. Some machines list their payout percentages outright, while others make players search for them. Players should keep in mind that most slot machines now offer high percentages to ensure that players choose to place bets with them, so the differences between one and another might be very small.
  • Do the Best Online Casino offer Slot Bonuses?
    Yes, it is possible to find slot bonuses at quality online casinos. However, you have to register with reputable casinos and we have a good eye for the best casinos online.