Online Slots Guide

Online Slots GuideSlots are commonly considered a game of luck! Let us help you appease lady luck with our online slots guide. We detail everything you can do ensure that you have the highest chance of winning while enjoying the entertainment. Find out all about our stellar slots strategy and the best slots casinos right here.

Video and 3D slots have become more and more popular in online casinos these days, with individuals flocking to sites to try their hand at some of the most exciting games on the market. You can now find hundreds of different 3D slots and video slot games being offered through online casinos around the world, and if you think that the prizes up for grabs are insignificant, you might want to think again. With progressive jackpots quickly reaching into the millions, there are many reasons to get excited about these online casino slots.

One of the most appealing facets of online slots is that they are so easy to play. You don’t need to spend your time learning all of the rules, as well as the finer nuances of these games because all you need to do is place you bet and spin the reels, all the while hoping that you hit it big.

Best Online Slots Casinos


Online Slot Types

Before you play 3D slots, you should know that there are three different types of online slots available; multipliers, buy-a-pays and progressive slots.

Multipliers tend to have payoffs that are proportionate to the size of the coin that is played, except for the jackpot. The more you bet on each spin, the bigger your prize will be when you win, so most people tend to play the maximum amount allowed.

The buy-a-pays work in a slightly different way to the multipliers; with these games, you “buy” a certain number of symbols or payout lines, and when you bet less than the maximum, you are once again restricted with regards to your chances of winning. It is very frustrating hitting a large win with a single coin, because you’ll find that you get very little for your effort.

The progressive pays out according to how much the player has put in. When you play this type of online slots game, you’ll end up getting a certain percentage of how much has been played when you hit the jackpot. Some of these jackpots end up reaching into the millions because they connect to a few different machines, but it is common for players to miss out on the jackpot if they aren’t playing the maximum amount of coins on these video slot games.

Online Slots Money Management

Online SlotsIf you don’t want to spend all your money on these slots in a couple of minutes, it is important that you manage your money correctly. You can make a small amount go a long way in online slots casinos when you know how to manage your funds. One of the best ways to manage your funds effectively is to allot a certain amount for a specific period, such as $20 per hour; that way, you won’t go over this amount very easily.

Online Slots Payouts

All of the video slot games that you will play will have different payouts, so make sure that you are aware of each one. Slot players should estimate about a 93% payout percentage on average, although this differs depending on where you are situated. When you look at short term payouts, it is difficult to recognize patterns because there aren’t any; the results are randomly generated (or at least, they should be by legal standards), so that means that you can walk away with a jackpot after one spin or after 100. In the long run, however, players will find that the average payout percentage holds true.

Online Slots Terminology

As you go about learning how to play online casino slots, you will most likely notice that this field is filled with terminology that you just don’t understand, and it helps to get to know the phrases that are commonly used in this field.

Bonus rounds, for instance, are commonly used in 3D slots as part of the bonus round, in which a player will play a game onscreen to win more money. Coins are used to denote real cash and the more coins you put into every bet, the bigger your chances will be of winning a larger jackpot.

Free spins refer to the spins that you get free when you hit a certain number of symbols in the right order. Players usually refer to this as “triggering” the free spins, and the amount that you win will usually depend on the results of each spin, as well as the amount that you bet to trigger the free spins.

Paylines refer to the lines that feature in the slot, and this number is generally set at 9, although this can change. You’ll usually need to pay a certain amount of coins to activate all the lines, and most players will play every line to ensure that they stand the best chances of winning the most exciting online slots bonuses.

How to Play Online Slot Games

Playing at online slots casinos is fairly straightforward, although it does help to take a bit of time to determine how each individual slot machine works before you start placing your bets. After all, the last thing you will want is to wonder why you aren’t hitting it big when you hit a jackpot, only to find that you aren’t playing all the lines.

You will most likely find that the most common online slots are the penny and the nickel games, although this amount can quickly increase to 2 cents, quarters and even dollars. You will usually get many different games to pick from, and once you’ve chosen, you then need to load money onto your account and pick the amount of credits you want to spend on each spin. There will most likely be a “spin reels” button located at the bottom of your computer screen and you can choose between clicking that and the “play max credits” option to spin the reel.

The moment that you hit all of the necessary special symbols on a video slot game, you will notice that the bonus feature starts automatically, and you will need to follow the instructions on the screen to play and stand the chance of winning big. The bonus rounds can be a whole lot of fun and they are actually one of the main reasons why video slots have risen in popularity throughout the years.

The moment you win something, your winnings will be added to your overall credit.

Conclusion of Online Slots

The popularity of video game and 3D slots means that these games will be around for the foreseeable future, and now you have the chance to take part on a 24/7 basis by signing up for an online account and choosing from among the many exciting games on the market.