i-Slots by Rival Gaming

i-SlotsIf you take a look at what types of games are the most popular in the online casino industry, then video slots will very easily be at the top of the list. While other types of titles get a good amount of play, video slots are by far the most popular genre of games around. This intense popularity means that innovation and pushing the boundaries of what’s thought possible is so important for these games, and when a software company does something different to produce extremely high-quality video slots, then players really stand back and take notice. This is definitely the case with the i-Slots line of games produced by Rival Gaming.

What Makes i-Slots Stand Out

An “event”? is an important concept in video slots. For the purpose of these games, an event is a part of the playing experience that has a beginning, middle and an end, and these three parts of the event come together to give you a complete playing experience. In most video slot titles, an event will almost always come in the form of a single spin. You press the button for the beginning, watch the wheels turn and come to a stop for the middle which builds anticipation, and the end comes when you see your payouts.

However, the i-Slots change up the entire concept of the event by spreading it out across several different spins. They’re able to do this by building up stories that unfold as the game plays on, and because these stories are highly-involved, the concept of the video slot event is stretched out quite a bit. This creates a situation where you really care about what’s happening next, and it gives you a much better overall experience than just playing slots where the events happen on a per-spin basis.

The Features of i-Slots and How They Fit With the Game

The story is the most important part of any individual i-Slot, and you’ll find that everything else about the game centers around it. On one hand, each individual storyline is given a ton of depth with exclusive cut scenes and special bonus features that play into whatever twists the story has taken so far. On the other hand, the story itself doesn’t necessarily unfold the same way each time, and the sets of symbols that you earn along the way can change the course of how things happen.

A great example of this happens in the Baby Boomers i-Slot. The theme of this game is traveling to different places in the world, and you’ll have different pilots that can bring you to a variety of destinations. The scatters in this game help to determine the pilots that you have available, and this changes which destinations you’ll go to and which you’ll miss out on. This helps to create a really cool, in-depth experience because you can always start over and try your luck with taking the story down a different line of events.

Online Casinos with i-Slots

# Casino Review Sign Up Bonus Payout % Software Visit
1. Slots Million Casino €800 Welcome BonusT&C Apply 18+ 98.42% Multiple Networks Visit Now
2. US Allowed Slots.lv Casino $22 No Deposit Bonus plus $5,000T&C Apply 18+ N/A% Multiple Networks Visit Now
3. Tropezia Palace Casino 100% Bonus up to €100T&C Apply 18+ 98.43% Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft Visit Now