Strategies for Skill-Based Slots Offered by Playtech

slots playtechWhile Playtech is known for having a large selection of different types of games, there is one set of slots games in particular that is very interesting. These games are set up with a skill-based element that give you an opportunity to boost your payout rate to some pretty impressive heights. Goblin’s Cave is probably the most popular of these skill-based slots, though they all have similar gameplay with slightly different paytables and numbers of paylines. If you learn to play these games well, then you can get payout rates that are on par with what skill-game players find in more traditional low-advantage games like blackjack and video poker.

Your Strategic Decisions

Skill games are all about identifying your strategic decisions and figuring out how to maximize their value. In Playtech’s skill-based slots, you are given a typical classic slot view of three reels with three rows of symbols. Each bet has two parts in these games. In the first, only one reel will spin. At this point, you’ll have a chance to “hold” one of the symbols that will then cover the entire reel for the respin. The results after the respin are what determine your payouts, and all three reels are spun on the respin. The strategic decision that you have here is deciding which symbols to hold.

The Obvious Ways to Play

Sometimes there are going to be very obvious ways to play. If you’re dealt three of the same symbol, then obviously you should hold them and get the payout for that set of three symbols on all three reels. Along the same lines, you should always hold wild symbols, and you should always hold matching symbols in a situation where only two of the three match up. However, that leaves all of the other situations where you have three different symbols on the reels, and how you play those scenarios will be what ultimately determines your overall payout rate.

More Difficult Choices

Start off by studying the paytable for your particular game and looking for a few specific items. First, you want to see if there are any payouts for just getting one or two of a symbol on lined up from left to right. Those symbols will become more important on the first and second reels when you’re making your choices.

Second, get a good idea of which symbols are worth more than others on the paytable. All else being equal, you’ll want to keep the higher-paying symbols, and you want to be able to make these decisions quickly without having to reference the paytable for every spin. However, one slick way of handling this is to print out a screen shot of the paytable in question and to have it on hand while you play. This can help you to keep your plays quick without using valuable mental space to memorize the paytable.

One theme that comes up often on Playtech’s skill-based games is the payout that comes for having three of a group of symbols. In the popular Goblin’s Cave game, for example, there are three different crown symbols, and any combination of the three will get you a 20x payout. This is the type of thing to note because you don’t want to be tricked into accidentally breaking up a pair of two symbols that could give you a payout.

General Thoughts

Overall, figuring out the correct strategies for these games is not impossible, but it does take a good bit of planning and thinking ahead. Printing out the paytable and being familiar with the trickier of the symbols are the keys to doing well with these skill-based slots.