Classic Slots vs. Video Slots

classic slots vs. video slots 1In the beginning, slots were originally mechanically built and operated, and they used the three-reel format. They had very basic payouts because everything was crude and mechanical, and there wasn’t much to them. These were the inspiration for classic slots. Later on, people decided that they could add to the excitement of the games by adding in more reels, bonus games and different types of bonus features to create video slots. Both styles of slots are still readily available in modern online casinos, and knowing the key differences and similarities between the two types will help you to pick the games that will fit you the best.

The Key Features of Video Slots

Video slots are generally seen as the most popular type of game going today. They are characterized by formats that include five reels, and they typically have at least nine paylines. Some of them abandon the paylines concept completely as you see with games that use the 243-ways and 1024-ways approaches to awarding prizes.

The variance of video slots tend to be higher, and they tend to have much less balanced paytables than classic slots do. As a result, you will normally need a more conservative bankroll management strategies with these games.

Video slots also appeal to players who care less about solid gameplay and more about flashy graphics and brands. A number of popular brands from film, television, video games and books have been made into video slots, and this draws in a crowd who often identify more with the brand used than the type of game being played.

The Characteristics of Classic Slots

With classic slots, you’re typically going to have a set of three reels with three symbols showing on each for a 3×3 grid. As a result, you’ll usually have a choice between just three or five paylines, though some older ones only have a single payline available like the original mechanical slots did in live venues. Since there are fewer reels, your payouts are typically going to be based on getting three of a kind, though there are often minor payouts for getting a single symbol in the left reel or two symbols on the payline in the left and center reels.

Classic slots tend to appeal to players who like gameplay and smooth sessions without huge swings. They pay out more often, though they tend to have lower prizes unless there is a progressive involved. They can have bonus features, but they’re usually somewhat limited in scope compared to some of the bonus games that you can find with video slots

The key advantage of playing classic slots is that there is a focus on low-volatility gameplay. You can be much more aggressive with your bankroll on these games than you can be with video slots, and this means that your wins are going to mean so much more. The streaks aren’t as bad or as often with classic slots, and you’ll find that the themes have enough variety to keep your interested even if they aren’t based on popular brands from different types of media.