Announces a New Bitcoin Blackjack has just announced that they will now be offering players the chance to place their bets on a brand new blackjack table. This new offering will be added to the already thrilling collection of more than 200 HD bitcoin games. The announcement is causing a huge stir because it is the very first BitCoin casino Blackjack table to be introduced onto the market.

When it comes to betting on the BitCoin Blackjack table, players will be able to place bets as small as 1mBTC, which comes to about 40¢ and as much as 600mBTC, which adds up to about $230. Furthermore, players will be able to place bets on as many as 5 hands at a single time, allowing players to increase the pace at which they play the game. Some players prefer faster games, while others often prefer to slow things down; ultimately it is up to each individual to determine how they prefer to place their bets.

There is an exciting autoplay feature being offered by the casino that provides players with the chance to select the strategy with which they want to play and have the game proceed on their behalf. This strategy is particularly appealing to players who have a sound strategy in mind, but do not want to have to play each hand in the old fashioned way.

The autoplay feature allows players the chance to walk away from the computer altogether or even play other games, all the while trusting in the feature to continue playing on their behalf.

The software on which the casino is built allows players the opportunity to actually customize their experience while playing BitCoin Blackjack. These customizations range from allowing players the chance to actually increase or decrease the speed of the game, as well as to alter the style of the cards. The latter is mostly for aesthetic purposes, but it does add another element to the game, allowing players the chance to actually personalize their games. Lastly, players have the opportunity to change the sound options within the game, which also adds to the personal experience of this game.

About BitCoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency that makes use of encryption technology in order to regular the units of the currency that is generated, as well as to verify any transfer of funds. Bitcoin tends to operate independently of traditional financial institutions. More and more online casino players are making use of Bitcoin as a currency with which they are able to place bets and there are a variety of casinos that now operate solely using this financial unit.

Players who would like to find out more about the new BitCoin Blackjack table can contact the casino directly via the live chat option in order to make inquires.

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