Learn How to Double in Pontoon With Success

Double in PontoonIn the game of Pontoon, doubling is a very tricky subject. There are different factors to consider than in the game of blackjack, and this is important to realize because so many Pontoon players start off with the foundations of blackjack understood. If you want to know how to double in Pontoon without making mistakes, then you’ll have to learn a few basic principles that you won’t necessarily know just from having a background in the game of blackjack.

Why the Double in Pontoon is Different Than Blackjack

In Pontoon, you can double with any number of cards. However, you can only double once per hand. If you want to double but do not have the option, then you should always hit unless you already have a total of 21 and fewer than four cards in your hand. Doubling in Pontoon is based almost entirely on how many cards you have and not so much on what your actual total is.

For example, if you have a soft hand with four cards, then you always double no matter what. Along similar lines, if you have a hard hand with four cards, then you’ll always double if you have a total of 16 or lower. Note that it’s better to hit with a 17 and to stand with 18 or higher with hard hands if you have four cards.

Total-Based Doubling

With hard hands, you should double based on your total if you have nine, ten or eleven, but just don’t double nine with two cards. With soft hands, you should also double totals of 19, 20 or 21 as long as you have at least three cards in your hand. If you have just two cards in your hand, then go ahead and stand because the value of your hand is strong enough that it’s not worth breaking up.

Doubling is a key part of Pontoon, and it’s really important for you to follow these guidelines to make sure that you’re doubling when you need to be and avoiding it when it’s a bad idea.

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