How Rule Changes Determine Caribbean 21 Strategy

caribbean-21-strategyThe genre of games that pulls together both blackjack and “21” style games collectively follow a few strategic ideas that can make it possible to learn to play the games well as a whole as long as you’re able to adjust to the specific rule changes that each game has. Caribbean 21 strategy, for example, is largely based on the fact that you can double or split with any two cards. The house gets compensation for this in the fact that blackjacks are dropped since aces always count as one and since ties are always a win for the dealer.

How to Adjust to Caribbean 21 Strategy

If you’re playing with a starting total of nine, ten or eleven, then you have a lot of incentive to double because your total is so strong. The dealer can’t catch an ace and really kill your mid-range totals, so you have a little bit of compensation for losing ties. However, you’ll also want to double with a number of eights just depending on which card you’re facing.

The place where things really gets crazy is with the splitting. If you play this game correctly, then about half of your two-card hands will be split. If you aren’t doubling against a mid-range dealer card (two through seven) when you have a total of less than 17, then you are probably going to be splitting. For this reason, you’re going to need to play with smaller bet sizes than you would in other blackjack or 21 games because you’re going to be putting up double and triple bets more often.

Play With Three or More Cards

When you have three or more cards, play is almost the same as regular blackjack with a few exceptions. You’re going to be more aggressive with standing with 15 or higher, and you’re going to double against a five or six with any total 11 or lower. These strategic plays really reflect the changes in rules for Caribbean 21, and that’s how you know you’re playing well.

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