Learn Instructive Blackjack Switch Example Hands

Blackjack Switch Example HandsIn the variation of blackjack that allows you to switch your back cards in two hands, being able to correctly switch is a skill that’s extremely important to have. Unfortunately, it’s not a skill that most players develop from other types of play. To help you along with getting better at this atypical skill, we have a couple of Blackjack Switch example hands for you to look at that will help you to learn the basics.

Looking at Blackjack Switch Example Hands

The first hand we’re going to look at has us up against a dealer with an ace. Our hands are and , and the first cards are the ones that we are allowed to switch. Here we have two hands that aren’t very good at all in the 15-16 range for hard hands. If we switch, then we will have for a hard 11 and a for a hard 20, both of which are strong hands, even against an ace. Along these lines, it’s a pretty straight-forward play to go for the switch here. Generally speaking, if you can clearly make both of your hands better, then you should do it. If you’re against overly weak or strong dealer cards, then you should try to balance your hand values as much as possible as well, so we have heavy indications that we should switch in two different ways here.

A Trickier Approach

When you’re up against medium-strength dealer cards like seven or eight, then you have a slightly different objective. In these cases, you should try to maximize the value of one of your hands. Suppose you have and against a dealer 7. If you switch, then you’ll have and . The hand is stronger than either of your starting hands, but the isn’t a particularly strong hand. Still, you should switch here since you’re against a medium-strength dealer card and you want to maximize one of your hands by changing it into an .

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