Getting Pontoon Help for Blackjack Players

pontoon helpPeople who play blackjack often try to make a transition to pontoon. More often than not, players who make this transition aren’t adequately prepared, and this leads to them getting much worse payout rates than they could if they were ready before they actually started playing. For blackjack players who are looking for pontoon help, we have some simple lessons here that will get you on the right track. Just remember that you need to take different things into consideration than you do in blackjack games, and you’ll usually find yourself thinking along the correct lines automatically.

Pontoon Help For Playing Anxiety

If you’re stuck in a hand and you don’t know what to do, there’s a simple way to think it through. First, remember that everything you do is based on the cards in your hand because the dealer isn’t dealt a card. You might feel like you’re missing out on something, and this can cause you to panic, especially if you’re used to looking at the dealer’s card before making a blackjack decision. The key here is to control your panic and realize that the game has built-in bonuses that compensate for the lack of being able to see one of the dealer’s cards.

The Strategic Basis

Two things matter in pontoon: Your total and the number of cards in your hand. The more cards you have, the more aggressive you should play since any five-card hand is extremely strong. Something else that can make your play straight-forward in a lot of cases is that you aren’t allowed to stand unless you have a total of at least 15. This means that the strategy of standing to avoid going bust with difficult hard totals is out of the window.

Your decision is normally going to be between doubling and hitting. Never double with two cards unless it’s a hard 10 or 11. Always double if you have a soft total with four cards or if you have a hard total of 16 or lower with four cards. That will cover the majority of difficult decisions you have to make.

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