Blackjack Betting Techniques – Increase Your Chances of Winning

Blackjack Betting Techniques Anyone wanting to increase the chances of winning at a blackjack table with likely need to start off by familiarizing themselves with some basic blackjack betting techniques, because there is so much more to this game than the luck of the draw. Getting to know some of the basics, as well as some intermediate tips might just help to give players the edge that they need to take their game “to the next level” and this is a very exciting prospect.

Learn the Basic Blackjack Betting Techniques

Whether you choose to play online blackjack or try your hand at the game in a land based casino, it is imperative that you start out by learning the basics. Start off by drawing up a basic strategy chart and memorizing it – this will tell you when to stand, hit, double down or make a split decision. The chart will usually have just about every combination of card that you can think of and you will find it online easily enough. These basics will get players off to a great start and they can then begin building on their knowledge from there.

What You Should and Should Not Do

Most expert blackjack players have certain rules that they follow just about all the time, and this includes hitting on a soft 17 and standing on a hard 17. What is more, the experts also believe that you should never split 10s or 5s, and it is never a good idea for you to stand on a 12 to 16 if the dealer has a card that is 7 or higher. These are rules that are steadfast, so players can go into each hand with these in mind because they do not change.

There is No Such Thing as a Winning Streak

When it comes to gambling, players can become very superstitious, and while this is perfectly okay, it is important that you keep your head on your shoulders or this could end up negatively impacting your game. One of the most important things that any player needs to remember is that there is no such thing as a winning streak (or a cold streak, for that matter), so players should not place their bets based on this alone. Each hand should be taken at face value, and decisions should be made based on that draw alone, not the one before or after it.

Take Care of Yourself

Basic biology can have a big impact on a player’s decision and this includes whether the player is hungry, tired or emotionally drained. For this reason, it is imperative that players take regular breaks, drink water and eat regularly. Even something as simple as a short walk can prevent a player from making a decision they will regret.

Simple blackjack betting techniques can go a long way in helping a player to improve their game, which is why it pays not only to take note, but to use them every time you sit at a blackjack table.

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