Realtime Gaming To Launch Samba Sunset Slot

Samba Sunset Slot
New games are an important part of any online casino software company’s ability to compete and stay ahead of the curve. Realtime Gaming has been around since the late 1990s, so they know this as well as anyone. Their new Samba Sunset slot is a great example of this because not only are they bringing a hot new summer game, but they’ve mixed things up quite a bit to make this a very high-action title with lots of opportunities to win, sometimes in atypical ways.

Samba Sunset Slot Features

The first thing to notice is that this game is based on Rio, the city where the Olympics will be held this year, and it’s not clear if there’s a connection there or if it’s just coincidence. This game uses five reels and three rows, but it uses the all-ways format, and this means there are 243 different ways that you can win on every single spin. Something that really takes advantage of this format is the fact that wild symbols show up on the second and fourth reels, and those wilds will also count for the scatter symbols, something that you don’t see all that often in online slots. Any online slots guide will tell you that wilds almost never count as scatters, but this game is the exception to the rule.
Samba Sunset Slot Features

More to Offer

This game has even more to offer than that. You can get 10 free spins when you line up three or more of the scatter symbols on the reels from left to right, and you’ll get extra high-paying symbols on the reels during each free spin. What’s more is that the wilds become 2x wild multipliers during this bonus feature, so that’s even more value. As a result of this and the progressive jackpot available in this game, it has a high volatility overall, but it’s a completely action-packed title as well.

RTG in 2016

The Samba Sunset slot is a great example of where Realtime Gaming is at in the year 2016. They realized a few years ago that they had a reputation for putting out sub-par content a lot of the time, so they completely revamped their approach while keeping key elements of their stylistic approach to developing online slots. You can see this in the minor and major progressive jackpots that they set up for each game, allowing you to win a payout in the upper three-figures or lower four-figures at random, which adds more value to the experience. Even though they’ve kept these elements, they’ve increased the quality of their graphics and the overall design of the games, and it shows through in a major way.

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