$450 Million Powerball Jackpot Draw Wednesday 2/11/2015

Powerball JackpotCertainly one of the biggest, if not the largest lottery in the world, the US Powerball on Wednesday 2/11/2015, will have its draw, with its jackpot having rolled over to $450,000,000. If you never imagined that numbers could go this high, then this is the opportunity to change your life forever.

The Powerball is a lottery that was started in the 1990’s across different US states with a humble jackpot pot. However, not until 2012 when the Powerball jackpot prize increased to become one of the biggest ever offered for just matching 5 numbers plus a Powerball number.

How to Play the Powerball

When trying to aim for the Powerball jackpot, it will require the player to select 5 numbers between 1 and 59 randomly without repeating any of the chosen numbers. Additionally, the player will also be required to select a single numbers from a different set of number ranging from 1 to 35 that is the ‘Powerball’. The order of the drawn numbers will not matter, just pick your numbers and wait for the draw.

The Powerball Jackpot Payouts

As much as the lottery is all about aiming for the sky, you can also land on the moon; which isn’t bad at all when you play the Powerball jackpot. While the aim is to match the 5 numbers plus the Powerball, matching just a single number will guarantee you a prize winning. Or you could opt in for a power play option where for an extra cost you will buy a ticket which multiplies your winnings right from the smallest payout to the largest payout.
Powerball Jackpot

The schedule below shows the payouts for the Powerball and the power play:

• 5 numbers plus the Powerball – the jackpot (standing at $450million) – no power play multiplier
• 5 numbers – $1,000,000 – x2 (on the power play multiplier)
• 4 numbers plus the Powerball – $10,000 – x4 (on the power play multiplier)
• 4 numbers – $100 – x2 (on the power play multiplier)
• 3 numbers plus the Powerball – $100 – x2 (on the power play multiplier)
• 3 numbers – $7 – x2 (on the power play multiplier)
• 2 numbers plus the Powerball – $7 – x2(on the power play multiplier)
• 1 number plus the Powerball – $4 – x3 (on the power play multiplier)
• Powerball only – $4 – x3 (on the power play multiplier)

The Powerball Draw

2 draws are held each week; one on Wednesday and another on Saturday at 10:59 Pm EST. So do not miss this week’s draw and watch your dreams come true within minutes. You can also purchase Powerball ticket form qualified online lottery sites.

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