Live Dealer Experience with a Live Casinos

Live Dealer Experience
The one area where the online casinos are trying really hard to compete with the land based casinos, is to provide the real casino experience. The Internet and technology advancements; makes it a natural step for these online casinos to progress towards the Live Dealer casinos. It is uniting the totally impersonal and mechanical feel of the online casinos, and the actual real casinos.

The live dealer casino games are those which can be played with all the settings of a real casino including the real and charming dealers. The entire gameplay is video streamed straight to your mobile, laptop or desktops.

Live Dealer Casinos – the ideal option for the online casino player!

So, what really ticks for casinos to set up a live dealer casino? The answer is right in front of you. Certainly, it’s the great exposure, better value for money and the real world live dealer experience from the comfort of your home or when roaming.

No more spending on travel, accommodation or food! Just logon to your favourite live dealer casinos, and get the ball rolling (pun intended). Pick your sin from the Live Blackjack or the popular Live Roulette or Live Baccarat. All these can be played with both single and multiplayer option.

It makes more sense to add these popular casino games; there are some online casinos which even have Live Poker or Live SicBo on their live games list. Whichever live game you will select, you can actually get the adrenaline pumping, by watching the real action taking place on the tables.

One constant worry that is generally seen is the thought that the software used in the online casinos, is tampered with. In live dealer casinos, the game is played using real tables, cards, Roulette wheels and other game accessories. You can watch the live dealer actually shuffle, spin or throw the dice; giving an authentic and real feel to the entire game proceedings.

There is no stress or worry about the game being rigged or the random number generator software being tampered with. The chances of any malpractice are extremely small, as the entire studio where the live dealer game is taking place is under surveillance. There are pit bosses who supervise the games making it virtually impossible for any negligence.

Minor issues related to real dealer casinos

While it is much fun to play at the live dealer casinos, there are some minor issues that will deter the online players from player here.

There is a lot of infrastructure that is required for live dealer casinos. It is not just the expensive cameras, bright lighting and the entire setup of mimicking the real casino feel; it’s the software and the technology required to bring the live dealer casino from across the world to your desktop, laptop and mobile.

You require a good bandwidth for the video streaming to take place without any lagging or streaming issues. A poor quality streaming is the major hurdle for the online players from playing at the online casinos.

Brownie Points for Live Dealer Casinos over other versions

Among all the online or mobile and land based casinos, the Live Dealers casinos are the most popular version. It is bridging the gap between the totally impersonal and mechanical feel of the online casinos and the actual real casino experience.

The most visible live dealer casinos that are available in the Online Casino Listing are the 138 Casino, Casino Luck and MyBet Live Casino. You can enjoy the real deal experience using the casino money for free and get additional match deposit bonuses upon making a first deposit. How’s that for playing in a virtual setup?

Along with these, there are hundreds of other reputed and well established online casinos which offer the live dealer casinos for you. Typically, you are offered deposit bonuses and free spins as an incentive for playing at the real dealer casinos.

Another perk of playing here, is the interactive and engaging live chat facility available. You can converse with the dealer, other players or even the pit bosses; regarding the gameplay, rules, or any concerns that you may have. It is like you’re actually playing at a land based casino.
So, go ahead and enjoy the live casino experience in the virtual casino world!

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