End April With an Omni Casino Internet Slots Tournament

Internet Slots TournamentApril is an important month because it acts as the main buffer between the cold winter months and the beginning of summer. This makes April a time for new beginnings, and that’s exactly what you’re going to be getting with the newest Internet slots tournament running soon at Omni Casino. Players at all levels are going to be welcomed into the fold, so make sure that you get in on the action as soon as it starts.

The Marvelous V $13,500 Internet Slots Tournament

Called the Marvelous V tournament, this event is going to be broken up into three levels based on the average bet size you have for qualifying spins during this tournament. The three levels are for players at the $0.75 through $1.49 level, the $1.50 through $3.99 level, and the $4 and up level. These levels help to make the event fair by keeping everyone on an even playing field for three different leaderboards as soon as this tournament starts on April 15 until it ends on April 30.

How to Play

To take part in this tournament, you’ll need to earn points by playing games with between 15 and 40 paylines. These spins have to be worth at least $0.75 each to earn a point, and each individual spin earns a single point. Earn more points to move up the ranks of your respective leaderboard. It’s that simple.

The leaderboards will be updated three times a week so that you can keep an eye on where you are in the rankings, and you’ll also be able to earn special booster prizes on top of any prizes you get from the leaderboards themselves. Players who pick up at least 115,000 points in this event will be given a special booster prize of $250 on top of any other winnings. That booster gets kicked up a notch to the $400 level if you pick up at least 135,000 points, and that’s a pretty big deal since it’s extra money being put in your pocket no matter where you land on the leaderboards. This just goes to show that they want players to win big in this tournament.

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