All Star Slots Tournaments

Slots TournamentsIf you are looking for great tournaments to participate in, then All Star Slots should be the place for you. All Star Slots launched new tournaments as has been with its sister Club World Casino. The beauty of the new tournaments on All Star Slots is that anyone can join in and have fun as you are rewarded for it.

There are a myriad of features that you will marvel about when you join in this gambling fun. These features are here to make you slot tournament gaming enjoyable and rewarding more than you thought. These tournaments run round the clock and you can join in at the scheduled time and play in the slots tournament that you are comfortable with.

What to expect from the tournaments

From this, you are to expect $5000 in form of chips for a penny. All you need to do is register in the world of the penny rollers where have tournaments chips worth as much as  $5000, as well as, spin time of five minutes. Use the resources that are offered to get plenty of points as you wish, as they will be used to earn you the reward for the cash prize.

When should I get started with the penny rollers? Don’t worry, the penny rollers run all through the day, always.

In addition, you will get guaranteed prize pools on every event. To assure you of an exhilarated experience every time, All Stars Slots has made sure that you will get an assured minimum prize pool to make sure that your experience is uncompromising.

There is the re-buys and add-ons feature to make things go your way. With this feature, you are sure to have a second chance. This feature will give you the chance to re-buy and try again if you feel you could do better on your starting score. The beauty of this is that your highest score will be automatically kept even when you re-try severally. When you need to make your scores and positions better, all you have to do is use the add-ons and you will have additional time and credits bought.

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