Brand New Gung Pow Online Slot Hits Red Flush Casino

Gung Pow Online SlotOne of the things that’s really interesting about the online casino world is that no matter how good they are, new games lose a little bit of interest over time, and newer titles tend to pick up some of that interest that was lost. The reason for this is that novelty is the most important thing for one particular group of active players, but they should be more than satisfied by the new Gung Pow online slot that’s made its way to Red Flush Casino. This is a feature-packed title that will give you a lot to look forward to.

Features From the Gung Pow Online Slot

This game uses a typical five reel format with three rows, and you’re going to find that there are wilds on every reel to help you hit more winning combinations. This helps with the volatility of the game by slowing things down and giving you a better hit-rate without long streaks of not getting anything. There’s a scattered coin symbol that also triggers a set of free spins. You’ll be given 15 free turns with a sizable 3x multiplier with a chance to win even more free spins.

A Fun, Relaxing Experience

One of the keys to why we believe Gung Pow will be so successful is that it’s built from the ground up to give players a good overall experience based on a relaxing session of having fun with a game that gives you lots of rewards. The volatility is a key part of this because everything is set up to give players lot of small and medium wins that come pretty regularly and smooth out the swings so that you aren’t stressing out over not hitting any wins for a while.

This low-volatility experience is much more relaxing than progressive games that tend to end up with you losing unless you hit a major jackpot. Those games are set up around a high-volatility experience, and there’s nothing wrong with that if you’re wanting to swing for a big jackpot, but this is a different type of game.

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