$150K Summer Slots Series – Play the New Slot Tournament

New Slot Tournament
Drake casino is giving players the chance to win as much as $10,000 in their $150K Summer Slots Series, which is being hosted over the course of the summer, and Online Casino Listings is proud to introduce this exciting opportunity to our players. The thrill of a new tournament is enough to draw in players from just about everywhere to try their hand at their favourite games, but the promise of some great prizes makes these opportunities all the more exciting and Drake casino knows this all too well.

The $150K Summer Slots Series

The new slot tournament by Drake casino is excitingly been labelled the $150K Summer Slots Series, and it consists of as many as 14 weekly tournaments. Each of the tournaments offers players the chance to claim their portion of a $10 000 prize pool, which is enough to draw their interest.

This is not all, however, since the tournament also offers players the opportunity to claim an astounding $10 000 on their own. This prize is available to the player that completes the tournament with the highest possible cumulative balance across all of the 14 tournaments, giving each player all the more reason to stay in the game. Players will be able to keep track of the leaders on the leader board on the Drake casino website. The casino has stated that the leader board will be updated every 10 seconds, which means that players will not have to wait very long for this information.

Taking Part The New Slot Tournament

In order to take part in the $150K Summer Slots Series, players will need to register with the casino. This can be done quickly, and once complete, players will then stand the chance to begin competing on some of the most exciting slot games that Drake casino has to offer. Players will want to make sure that they read through all of the tournament rules before making the decision to take part. The tournament rules also state that players will have their winnings paid out within 30 minutes after the tournament has come to an end.

Taking part in any tournament is exciting, but Drake casino certainly knows what appeals to players and this is perhaps what makes the $150K Summer Slots Series such as thrilling opportunity to players, not only because of the great prizes, but also due to the promise of some thrilling games. Players looking for both will certainly not want to miss out.

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