Privacy Policy

Our team is aware that privacy is of the utmost importance to our players when it comes to visiting our site. While we need to gather certain types of information from our players, we also understand that it is our responsibility to keep this information secure, as well as to make sure that it is used for its intended purpose. It is for all of the above mentioned reasons, among others, that we have outlined everything our clients need to know about our privacy policy, including the methods that are utilized to collect the information, how it is stored and how it is used.

Players who choose to play on this site do so with the knowledge that we take this to mean they have agreed to the terms and the conditions outlined by our privacy policy and agreed to our use of the information they provide in the manner stipulated by this policy. Players who do not agree to us using their information in the manner outlined below should refrain from making use of the site immediately. We reserve the right to alter our privacy policy as we so choose, at any point in time. Players who continue to make use of this site, either before or after changes have been posted to the site will be considered as having accepted the alterations.


Cookies are used on this site. A cookie is basically a file that is inserted onto the hard driver of the user’s PC, laptop, Smartphone or Android. Players should keep in mind that cookies contain specific information that will be used every time the player accesses the site. Cookies happen to be very common and they are utilized, among other things, to save the login details for a website, as well as other types of customizations that are used when accessing a site. We make use of cookies for site operational purposes only. We might make use of cookies to collect IP addresses; this might then be used for security purposes, administration tasks, troubleshooting and statistical analysis.

Public Areas

Players who choose to share information with others on the public areas of the site should be aware that this information will be deemed public information from then on. We warn our players to refrain from sharing personal information on these forums and to think carefully before posting anything at all. Third parties could, at any point in time, gather the information shared on message boards, chat facilities and forums and use it at as they see fit. You might find that after sharing messages on these platforms you begin to receive unsolicited messages, promotion materials or even advertisements. Remember, we have no control over the information that is obtained by third parties through these mediums.

Third Party Checks

The information that is provided by our players might be checked via third party databases. When you accept our terms and conditions, you accept this fact and we take this as consent that we can carry out these checks. When we conduct checks, even those that are done through credit reference agencies, we are doing so with the aim of confirming your identity, so this won’t have a negative impact on your credit rating. We make sure that we comply with the current data protection legislation.

In the event that external partners have access to your information, they will need to comply with the same privacy policies that we comply with. Our players should remember, however, that we link to certain sites via our site, and when players click on these links, they will be directed to sites that do not necessary adhere to our privacy policy. This means that players should ensure they read up on the privacy policy of each individual site that they choose to visit.

Players should be aware that we might have to disclose personal information to a third party if required to do so by law. One of these instances might occur if a third party accuses one of our players of infringing on their intellectual property rights. In this case, we might have to provide them with your personal details.  In the event that we sell our company, or in the event that it is consolidated or merged, we might have to transfer your personal information to the new business.

Keep in mind that the information provided to us by you might have to be collected and processed outside of the UK. Your information will be processed wherever our affiliates, subsidiary partners or agents are operating. In the event that you provide us with your personal details, we take this as consent to the transferring or the processing of your information outside of the UK. We have put stringent measures in place to ensure your information is properly protected.

We have gone to great lengths to protect your personal information, but unfortunately, the nature of the internet makes it difficult to ensure every transmission is 100% safe. For this reason, we cannot be held responsible or liable for the forwarding of information that might occur during a transmission or in the event that third parties gain access to the information through unauthorized means, or any other reason whatsoever.

Communicating With Our Clients

If you have provided us with your personal details, you might find that you receive offers from us from time to time. In the event that you provided us with consent to do so, we might also provide you with offers about unrelated services.

We have ensured that we provide our players with the chance to opt-out from receiving messages from us and players can make this decision when they provide us with their personal information. Players can choose to opt out from promotional materials while continuing to receive important information from us. Players can read up on the definition of an important message by turning to that section. Information on unsubscribing from our communications is outlined in each email that we send.

There are certain points when we might require personal information from our clients; this includes the moment when they register and when they communicate directly with us. The personal information that is collected might be used to aid in the managing of a player’s account or in the promoting of special offers.

Some of the various types of communications that a player might receive from us include the balance on their account, as well as any technical or general information about the site. Players can always opt out of receiving promotional materials from us, but they cannot opt out of all email communications that are thought to be important to the running of our service. It should be noted that we might make use of the services of another firm in the event that we want to process a payment, verify and identity or even provide software, but these external partners will not be able to access the information for anything other than its intended purpose.

Your Responsibilities

While we go through great measures to try and keep your information safe and secure, you also have a role that you need to play in ensuring you are secure. Firstly, take care not to reveal your ID and password to anyone. You will also need to make sure that your personal information is kept up to date. At this point in time, we reserve our right to impose reasonable fees in the event that copies of information are required.

In the event that you choose to delete some of the information that you have provided to us in the past, you might not be able to access certain areas of the site, or certain services we provide.  We might not provide refunds in the event that this situation occurs. In this instance, we could retain your personal information in our files for the resolution of disputes, problem solving or to make sure that we hold to our user agreement and comply with the technical and legal requirements of running and operating the site.