Baccarat Online Guide

Baccarat online is a game that most players come across when they sign up to play at a top quality online casino because it happens to be one of the most popular games available. Land based baccarat might be very exciting, but when you play Baccarat online, you’ll find that you not only get to experience all of the excitement that you would normally get from a land based casino, but you also get a few other benefits.

Top 10 Baccarat Online Casinos

Firstly, baccarat online can be played anywhere and everywhere, so the moment you make the decision to roll the dice, you can. Secondly, online casinos throughout the world are offering some very exciting bonuses to players who want to try their luck at their establishments.

Live games are making Baccarat online even more exciting because they are played with real, live dealers in a setting that has been constructed to reflect a land based game with all of the pros of an online game. If you are looking to play baccarat online, make sure that you check out our rankings and reviews to determine which casinos are going to offer you great bonuses and the chance to walk away a real winner!

Baccarat History

The game of Baccarat can be traced back to the ancient Etruscans who arrived in Italy around 900B.C. and it is thought that these people utilized a form of Baccarat in one of their ancient traditions. Centuries later, a man called Felix Falguierein who was a croupier of Italian descent in the 15th century created one of the more recognizable versions of the game, and it is this origin that people often refer to when they think about the creation of the game of Baccarat, even though some people still believe it originated in France.

Throughout the years, this game became particularly popular throughout Europe and it wasn’t long before the French nobility took it up. After some time, however, the game became too popular and it was actually forbidden by Louis XIV. This didn’t put an end to the game; it merely forced it underground.

It was the move to America that breathed life into the game of Baccarat and ensured it would be around for good. This move took place in the 19th century and by the 1950s, it had arrived in Las Vegas. With the rise of online gambling in the early nineties came the need to make Baccarat online available to the masses.

How To Play Baccarat Online

Baccarat is played between the banker and the player (the Banco and the Punto) and it is up to the player to choose between these principle bets. There is also a rarer bet that can be made called the Standoff. When playing online, the dealer will deal two cards to themselves and the players before allowing the players the chance to place their bets on either the bank or the player. The aim of the bet is to guess which one will win the round (or whether it will end in a standoff, which has a betting ratio of 1:1).

It has been calculated that when playing Punto Banco, the Banco will win, on average, about three or four more hands that the Punto.

Baccarat Rules

It is the simplicity of the game that has so many players playing online Baccarat, and this is no different when it comes to the rules. Before playing this game, players might want to take some time to understand the rules.

This game is generally played from either a six or eight deck shoe. The face cards and the 10s have a zero value assigned to them, with aces having a value of 1. When counting the cards, only single digits are taken into consideration. The aim is to determine which hand will have the highest value when the cards are turned over. It is common for both the bank and the player to have two cards dealt to them only, but there are times when the third card rule will have to come into effect.

The player’s third card rule takes effect when the player or the bank has a sum equal to or less than 5 when their cards are counted. The bank can only take a third card in the event that the player chooses not to. If the player decides to take a card, the Bank’s third card rule will come into effect.

The bank’s third card rule is as follows;

  • If the bank draws a total of less than 2, the bank will be forced to draw another card.
  • If the sum is less than 3, the bank will draw another card unless a player draws a third card of 8.
  • A bank with a hand of 4 should draw a third card unless a player draws a card of 0, 1, 8 or 9.
  • A bank with a hand of 5 will draw another card unless the player drew a third card of 4, 5, 6 or 7.
  • A bank with a hand of 6 will draw another card unless the player drew a card of 6 or 7.
  • In the event that the bank has a hand with a total of 7, the bank will stand.

In the event that the sum of the cards that a player is holding equals to 8 or 9, the hand is labeled a natural.

Baccarat Online Variations

If you’re looking to play Baccarat online, you need to make sure you’re aware of which variation you’ll be playing, since this could alter the rules somewhat. EZ baccarat, for instance, is a game that has more or less the same rules as Punto Banco, but with odds of 1 to 1. The house edge might be slightly lower, but the commission is around 4.9%. This variation also allows you to take advantage of two side bets; the Dragon 7 and the Panda 8. When placing a Dragon 7 bet, the player is predicting that the bank will have a total sum of 8 with 3 cards. When placing a Panda 8 bet, the player is betting they will have 3 cards totaling 8.

Chemin De Fer

Chemin De Fer is a variation of Baccarat that was introduced in France and it is believed to be the original version. To play this game, one player is labeled the banker, and the rest are labeled players. Each player will get a turn to go “bank”, which means they can match the wagered amount of wager their own amount. Once the wagers are completed, the dealer will deal two cards to himself and two to the players. If the bank and the players have cards of 8 or 9, the hands are opened. In the event this is not the case, the third card rule will come into effect.

Baccarat is an exciting game indeed, so whether you’re looking for advice on how to play or information about locating top quality Baccarat online casinos, look no further than right here!