Single Deck Baccarat Review

While most Baccarat games tend to be played with a large shoe in live casinos, online Baccarat can often be played with just a single deck.

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Single Deck Baccarat Game Review

While most Baccarat games tend to be played with a large shoe in live casinos, online Baccarat can often be played with just a single deck. This is the case for Microgaming’s Mini Baccarat game. Using a single deck substantially changes the payout rates for each of the available bets, and since most people use hand-tracking or trend-tracking methods to try to get a better payout rate than usual, it’s extremely important to know how the use of a single deck changes the gameplay. We want to show you how to play, why this game offers one of the best payout rates in the entire casino, and how you can get started the right way.

Basic Gameplay

The basic gameplay of single deck Baccarat goes like this. You’ll place a bet on the player, the banker or a tie. After your bet is placed, the dealer will deal out the player and banker hands based on certain house rules. If you bet on the player or banker correctly, then you’ll win a payout at a rate of 1:1 for the player bet and at a rate of 0.95:1 for the banker bet. If it’s a tie, then the player and banker bets push. Correctly betting on a tie gives you a payout worth 8:1 in single deck Baccarat.

Why Single Deck is the Best

Because there is just one deck used in this game, it’s possible to get a lower house advantage than any other type of Baccarat by simply betting on the banker. Even though the payout rate on individual bets is lower, the chances of winning with the banker hand are so much better that it makes it a better overall bet than the player bet. With one deck, betting on the banker has a house advantage of just 1.01 percent. The advantage on the player bet is moderately higher at 1.29 percent, and while 1.29 percent isn’t that bad by itself, it’s almost 30 percent larger than the 1.01 percent you have with betting on the banker.

Important Single Deck Baccarat Strategic Notes

The best strategy in single deck Baccarat is to bet on the banker most of the time and consider betting on the player if you think that you have spotted a pattern.

At this point, we need to point out that you should never, ever place a bet on the tie. This bet is essentially a trap for people who are bored or curious, and it has a massive 15.75 percent house advantage. There is no way to overcome this enormous edge, so you should simply stay away from this type of bet even when you’re playing the single deck version of this game.

Although Microgaming doesn’t have it, some sites may have what’s called a pair bet. This is a bet that the two cards dealt for one hand or another will be of the same rank. This is another trap bet, and it’s even worse than the tie, if you can believe that, with a whooping 29.4 percent house advantage when the payout is listed at 11:1.

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