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LottoSpring is a new take on the lotto and gives players the chance to win even larger prizes that the original lotto provides.

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Casino Summary

Site Name LottoSpring
Website URL
Founded 2015
License Curaçao
Bonus Info Invite 3 People and Play for Free
Minimum Deposit €33
Deposit Options Visa, MasterCard, Sofort, Skrill, Yandex, Neteller, Pugglepay, Qiwi, Moneta, C24
Withdrawal Options Bank Transfer, and more to be added soon
US Players Accepted No
Currencies EUR
Restricted Countries USA, France
Casino Contacts Email Support:

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Review of LottoSpring

LottoSpring is the latest version of a social online lottery game that comes with the added excitement of providing members with so many more chances to win. For players to understand how it might benefit them to join in this game, it is important to first start out by understanding a bit more about how it works.

Many More Chances to Win

Players who join up with LottoSpring will get as many as 400 chances to win some great prizes. The moment they sign up, members will be join 50 others that will share 400 entries, and these are renewed on a 4 week basis. The syndicate of 400 people will be entered into 8 lotto draws during this period. In order to ensure transparency is upheld, the LottoSpring will draw the same numbers as the Official EuroMillions Lottery, although it is important for players to remember that the draws are not linked in any way.

LottoSpring Draws

The draws that are currently being offered by LottoSpring include LottoSpring Mega 5, which is based on the Guaranteed €5 Million Jackpot, the LottoSpring Mega 10, based on the Guaranteed €10 Million Jackpot and the LottoSpring Mega 50, based on the Guaranteed €50 Million Jackpot.

The LottoSpring Mega 5 requires that players match all of the officially drawn numbers, and if this is the case, they will be able to claim €1 million, which sharing the €4 million between the other 49 people within their syndicate, as well as the individual who referred them to the group. This draw will be held each Tuesday.

The LottoSpring Mega 10 requires that individuals match all of the officially drawn numbers, after which they will collect €2 million and share the rest of the €8 million between the members of their syndicate, as well as the individual who referred them to the group. Players will want to keep in mind that this draw takes place for the first 3 Fridays of the month.

Players entering the LottoSpring Mega 50 will need to have all numbers match the official draw, and they will be able to claim €10 for themselves, and share the €40 with the 49 individuals within their syndicate, as well as the member that referred them. Players should keep in mind this draw is held on the 4th Friday of the month.

Players will only win in the instance where the entries match the 5 Main Numbers of the official draw, and the 2 Lucky Stars. Those who get the 5 Main Numbers and 1 Lucky Star will claim €200,000 and those that match 5 Main Numbers will claim €100,000 as third prize.

Why Choose LottoSpring

One of the reasons many players choose LottoSpring instead of entering into EuroMillions is the fact that players stand the chance of winning a larger prize with LottoSpring.

Bigger Prizes with LottoSpring

Another great reason why players choose LottoSpring is that they do not have to personally pick the winning numbers in order to walk home with a grand prize. The moment a player joins LottoSpring, they will then get the chance to start spreading the news about the game, and begin inviting others to play along with them, and by doing so, increase their chances of winning. If a player successfully refers someone else to LottoSpring, they will be added to the original player’s 5 X 6 matrix.

The 5 X 6 Matrix

The 5 X 6 Matrix works in this way – in order to complete the matrix, players will simply need to refer 5 people to LottoSpring, who will then need to introduce another 5 people each. This will allow players to go up in levels, as each new member joins the group. Level 1 consists of 5 members, level 2 of 25 members, level 3 of 125 members, level 4 of 625 members, level 5 of 3125 members and level 6 of 15,625 members.

LottoSpring Social Circles

Each time someone within your matrix wins a personal prize, you claim 5% of the bonus. In the even a member you referred wins a personal prize, you will claim 10% of that prize.

Blitz Points

For each time that someone within the social circle of a player pays for, or renews their membership, the original player will claim 100 Blitz Points. Each time a player introduces another member, they will claim 200 Blitz Points. Each time a player earns 300 Blitz Points, they will get a Free Blitz Ticket that could earn them as much as €1 and €50,000. These are guaranteed wins each Friday.

LottoSpring Blitz Tickets

Players who introduce 3 members to their social circles within LottoSpring will be able to claim a 100% refund on their subscription, which means they will be playing for free.