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Deposit $10 & Get a $5 Discount. T&C Apply 18+

SuperEnalotto lets you choose up to 11 numbers to win the six-number combination. With no rollover cap, it can yield some life-changing, massive jackpots!

Rated 3/5
OCL Ratings: Excellent
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Casino Summary

Site Name SuperEnalotto
Website URL
Founded 1977
License Messenger of Official Licenced Lotteries.
Bonus Info Deposit $10 & Get a $5 Discount.
Minimum Deposit $10
Deposit Options Visa, Mastercard, JCB, Skrill, GeoTrust
Withdrawal Options JCB, MasterCard, Skrill, Visa, Wire Transfer
US Players Accepted Yes
Restricted Countries Yamen, N. Korea, Nigeria, Morocco

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SuperEnalotto Review

SuperEnalotto OnlineIn December, 1977, SuperEnalotto was launched by a private company to replace the already well-known Italian Enalotto game which had been in existence since the 1950s.

SuperEnalotto sports some of the highest jackpots in the world for two reasons: it is open to players across the globe, and it has no rollover cap, so the jackpot can continue to grow no matter how many times it is not won. Its high popularity is also due to the fact that winnings aren’t taxed, and you have the option to receive your jackpot either in one lump sum or in annuity payments.

Before June, 2009, the drawing of the numbers were done in quite an interesting fashion whereby each number was drawn in a separate Italian city by Lottomatica’s regional Lotto. Nowadays, though, all numbers are drawn in one location, independently of Lottomatica.

The minimum jackpot is €1.3 million and secondary winnings are worked out as percentages according to the total prize pool.

How Does SuperEnalotto Work?

SuperEnalotto works a bit differently to regular lottery games: there are six winning numbers in total from a pool of 90, but you don’t have to choose just six numbers when you enter. Instead, you can choose seven, eight, nine, ten, or even 11, so that your numbers are entered for every six-number combination possible. A Jolly Number is also drawn separately which affects secondary prizes.

Draws are three times a week on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays at 8:00 p.m. Central European Time.

For an additional cost you can also choose a SuperStar number from one to 90. If your SuperStar number wins, then you either helps you win a prize (in conjunction with your main numbers), or it multiplies your existing prize from the main numbers.

Payouts and Odds

Below are the winning levels and the odds of hitting them:

3 only = 30% (1:327)
4 only = 15% (1:11,907)
5 only = 15% (1:1,250,230)
5 + JN = 20% (1:103,769,105)
6 only = 20% (1:622,614,630)

The SuperStar winnings are as follows:

SS only = €5
1 + SS = €10
2 +SS = €100
3 + SS = 100x winnings of 3 only
4 + SS = 100x winnings of 4 only
5 + SS = 25x winnings of 5 only
5 + SS + JN = €1 million SuperBonus
6 + SS = €2 million SuperBonus

The biggest SuperEnalotto jackpot so far came in October, 2010, valued at €177.8 million. It was later revealed that the single winning ticket belonged to a syndicate of over 70 members, but they all still managed to become millionaires because of it.