Pink Elephants Review

Feels like it was only yesterday when WMS came out with Raging Rhino, and everyone flocked to it and fell in love. It’s no surprise, then, that over the years,…

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100% Bonus up to Unlimited
£1,100 Welcome Bonus plus 130 Free Spins


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Feels like it was only yesterday when WMS came out with Raging Rhino, and everyone flocked to it and fell in love. It’s no surprise, then, that over the years, various developers took the idea and ran with it, with everyone adding their own little spin or twist to the formula, but always keeping in line with the slot that started it all.

Thunderkick seems to have joined their ranks, and decided that their own change would be a volatility so high you’re liable to get vertigo! It’s an interesting take, but does it really work out?

Pink Elephants has 6 reels and pays 4096 ways for all consecutive symbols that go from left to right. It’s a very high variance game, and it takes no prisoners, offering a myriad of dead spins and empty wallets in its wake, while the rare few who play it will make off with massive amounts of cash.

And in between are regular gamblers who might have a bit of their coin eaten, get some of it back, and decide to quit while they’re ahead. With two special features, it doesn’t seem like the type – but it’s capable of paying out up to 8200x your stake!


When Thunderkick first came into the scene in 2013, mostly formed by men and women who worked at NetEnt, people weren’t too sure what to expect. But soon, we started getting big hits like Flux, Fruit Warp, Arcader and many more, and it became clear that the developer was set to carve itself a special spot by making fun, quirky slots that stood out from everything else at the time – and seeing their success, a lot of developers have since copied their visual style to the slight point of oversaturation.

How to play it

Still, as progenitors of the cutesy looks, we can maybe give Thunderkick a pass, as it is their signature look, or was. Honestly, though, while the massive elephant looks amazing, the rest of it really just fails to grip us. There’s some admittedly funny moments when the animals come out in a zen enlightenment after the free spins bonus, but overall, graphics could have used a bit of spicing up.

But visuals alone don’t carry a game, and we’re a bit in a mix on how we feel about it. Thunderkick’s newest slot feels like it takes high variance, and then kicks it up a notch. You can absolutely get some mind blowing wins here, to the point where you’d probably be able to bet on that money for the rest of next year and not run out unless you’re really throwing it around. But to accompany that, there’s a healthy bit of coin munching to go along with it, so you better get your wallet ready for a beating if you want to chase the Pink Elephants yourself.

Special Features

There are two special features present in the game, but one of them really serves to feed into the other. You get a free spins bonus where you need at least three Scatters, but if you get more, you get extra free spins, which is always nice. The second bonus can essentially spawn random Scatters from time to time, and totally at random, which is useful for helping you complete the free spins bonus, so you can enjoy the second part of it.

After you trigger the free spins, you’re taken to another screen, in which the elephants carry glowing orbs on their trunks. Each time an elephant appears on the reels, it feeds these orbs into the counters on the side, and each time one counter is fully filled up, it rewards a free spin and transforms one of the four animals into the pink elephant.

The goal here is to make your free spins last as long as possible – whether that’s from winning a lot of them early on, or getting at least two or more Scatters at once while this Bonus Game is up and running.

Maximum Payouts

For these solid scores, you’re going to want to grab on tight to any free spins you can carry. The biggest win is going to come from that Bonus Game, in which you’re going to be repeating big scores of elephant wins, which are the highest paying symbol, and it certainly would help if you could keep squeezing out extra free spins as well.

However, we feel it should be noted that the volatility is extremely high on Pink Elephants, so you should prepare to win massively as much as walking away with a serious dent in your budget.


Overall, we enjoyed our time with this slot, but there is an unspoken worry of the fact that the variance might be tuned too high. We have no doubts that there are going to be screenshots with massive payouts from Pink Elephants in due time, and it’s certainly more than capable of achieving those numbers. Ultimately, whether the risk is worth it or not is up to you – but we’ll definitely keep coming back to give it a go.

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