Casino Bonus Wager Requirements

Casino Bonus Wager RequirementsDeposit bonuses are the most common ways that online casinos can give players extra value. The basic idea is that, along with your deposit, you get some extra money from the site to use to help maximize your chances of winning. When deposit bonuses first became popular in the late 1990’s and early 2000’s, a lot of people figured out that they could abuse the system in major ways to exploit these bonuses. These people weren’t really interested in playing casino games at all, and the only thing they wanted to do was make a quick score by taking advantage of the promotions that casinos offered. Casino sites had to figure out a way to be able to offer these deals without having players blatantly take advantage of them, and this is how casino bonus wager requirements came about.

The Adjustments the Casinos Made

The solution that casino sites came up with was to prevent a player from immediately placing a withdrawal after redeeming a bonus offer. The way they did this was by what’s called a wagering requirement or a play-through requirement. These casino bonus wager requirements have you play a certain amount in total bets before normal cash out options open back up for you. This achieves a balance of allowing players to boost their bankrolls with the best online casino bonus offers without keeping it open for exploitation. Therefore many have low casino bonus wager requirements.

How Casino Bonus Wagering Requirements Work

Suppose that you deposit $50 for a 200 percent match bonus that has a 25x wagering requirement. This 25x is a multiple of the sum of your bonus and your deposit. Since you’re depositing $50 and getting a $100 bonus, the total of your deposit and bonus is $150. The play-through requirement of 25x means that you’ll have to place a total of 25 * $150 = $3,750 in bets before you’ll be allowed to cash out. Keep in mind that this has nothing to do with wins and losses, and it’s only the total amount of wagers that you place. Some players cannot afford to bet huge and hence there are low wagering casino bonuses.

Game Restrictions

Whenever you cash in on a promo, the casino bonus wager requirements is the first thing that you should look for. The second thing that you should look for is any game restrictions. For some offers, certain games are not allowed until you have completed the play-through requirements. This helps to prevent certain types of abuse of bonus options that players have figured out (like betting both red and black at the same time on online roulette). One of the key things to do when you’re considering using a bonus code is to make sure that the games you enjoy are allowed apart from looking at low wagering casino bonuses.

Other Bonus Considerations

Besides low wagering casino bonuses, there are two other things that you should look for when you’re searching for a bonus. One thing to look for is to check to see if the bonus is cashable or not. Cashable bonuses work just like cash and can be withdrawn after you complete the casino bonus wager requirements. Non-cashable bonuses can be used for wagering only and are deducted from any cash outs that you request. Other than that, you should also check to see if there are any maximum or minimum deposit amounts for the bonus code.