Royal Panda Live Roulette Winner Scores Almost $230k

Royal Panda Live Roulette
A player at the Royal Panda live roulette tables has won almost a quarter million with a great combination win.
The Royal Panda live roulette games saw a major winning streak to the tune of just under $230,000 recently.

One of the things about playing in online casinos is that there are certain advantages and disadvantages compared to playing in a land-based establishment. One of the things that you find with games like Royal Panda live roulette is that you get all of the advantages of both the online and land-based games with few, if any, of the disadvantages of either. A lucky player going by the name of Mikael from Sweden learned this when he recently nailed a winning streak worth almost $230,000 at the live roulette games at Royal Panda.

About the Royal Panda Live Roulette Winn

The currency in Sweden is the Swedish kronor, and Mikael’s winning streak was worth a total of 1,874,930 kr. In US dollars, this is worth about $229,764, or just under $230k. The single-largest win during this streak was worth a solid 370,700 kr, about one-fifth of the total value of the streak, and that’s worth around $45,419. That’s a pretty substantial amount to win on a single spin of roulette, but unlike some other live dealer casinos, Royal Panda has the stakes available for high rollers that makes wins like this popular.

High Stakes Roulette Action

If you were to go play in a land-based facility at the higher stakes tables, you’d see much higher betting limits than what’s normally allowed in most table games in online casinos. However, when you play with the Royal Panda live tables, you get some pretty high betting limits as well. A straight-up bet in these roulette games has a maximum wager of $500, and that’s pretty huge for online play. You can bet up to $1,000 on split bets or as much as $6,000 on column bets. This $6,000 limit applies to other wagers that win on 12 numbers like the dozen bets. Even money wagers like red, black, even and odd can see stakes as high as $10,000 per bet here, and that’s five figures riding on a single spin of the wheel.

Big Wins at Royal Panda Casino

One of the things that you can’t deny about Royal Panda Casino is that they know how to celebrate their big winners. They’ve always made a really big deal about the winners that they have, and that goes for the huge winning streak that was had in the Royal Panda live roulette games recently as well. These live games are provided by Evolution Gaming, a company known for producing some of the best live dealer games in the industry, but they also have regular online casino titles from Net Entertainment and Microgaming. It’s clear that they have something to offer every type of player and that they think it’s a big deal when players win at any of their games.

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