Craps Money Management

Craps Money ManagmentBeing able to manage your bankroll in an aggressive, but effective, way is one of the keys to keeping yourself in the game without going bust. In craps, this can be very tricky to do because different bets have to be different sizes if you want to get the best payout rates available. In what follows, we’re going to offer some advice on how you can formulate your own craps money management strategies taking into account your own personal finances and playing style.

The Basic Concept

The basic concept that drives all of craps money management is realizing that the whole point is to keep you in the game without going bust because you can’t win if you aren’t playing. From this concept, we establish a base bet size that we will use for our most basic bets. This includes the pass line bet and the don’t pass bet. From there, all other bets will be seen as a multiple of that base size. For example, if make the pass line bet and take the odds on a point of 6, then you’ll be placing an additional bet that’s five times the size of the base bet. For this reason, it’s very important for you to understand that your base bet is the driving force behind all of your calculations for craps bankroll management.

Aggressive Money Management

Craps is a game that does not have a particularly high variance. What that means is that you can place higher bets than you probably think you can with a similar danger to your bankroll. With that having been said, you have to keep a healthy perspective on how conservative you should be.

For example, suppose you have a line in your budget that gives you $50 to play on craps each week. The exact amount doesn’t matter, but you should treat this differently than if you were only getting $20 to play every other week. You can only replenish your bankroll every so often, and it’s important that you use that as your primary guide on how aggressive you want to be with your bet sizes.

Using Your Bankroll As a Whole

Imagine your bankroll as a whole. Now imagine your bet size as a fraction of that bankroll. However many times that bet size could be used without winning a single bet until you go broke is the number of bets you have available. In craps, you should typically be looking at a minimum of 200 bets. So if you have a $200 bankroll, that would give you a $1 pass line bet with odds bets worth up to $5. If you make other types of bets like place bets, then you should make sure that those fall in line with the 200x guideline as well.

Overall, any strategy in a casino requires you to have a good idea of how you’re going to manage your money. Without this aspect of the equation set in stone, then your chances of winning in the long-term decrease no matter what strategies you are using.