Omni Casino Slots Tournament for January Offers $12,500

Omni Casino Slots Tournament There are two main types of games to gamble on in the world. One type of game is almost all about chance, and the other is almost all about skill and being competitive. It’s often hard to get people from both camps to play together, but casino tournaments are one way to do it. With a new Omni Casino slots tournament for the last two weeks of January, players can come together to compete against each other for a piece of over $12,500 in prizes in an event that’s perfect for different types of players at all different stakes.

Rules for This Omni Casino Slots Tournament

You earn points in this tournament to get a spot on one of three leaderboards. A point is earned from each qualifying spin. For a spin to qualify, you’ll need to bet at least $0.45 on it, and it has to be on a game that has between 15 and 50 paylines, inclusive. Your average bet size during the event will place you in one of three categories of players (low stakes, mid-stakes and high stakes), and this is one of the main features of this event because it means you don’t have to try to compete with players who have a lot more money than you.

Extra Prizes

You’ll have two chances for extra prizes in this event. Players who earn at least 115,000 tournament points are going to get $250 added to anything else they win in the event. This guaranteed prize jumps to $500 for people who break the 130,000-points mark, and this is regardless of which of the three levels of stakes you end up in.

Another chance to get additional prizes comes from the $60 snow shovel prizes that will be randomly awarded to people in random places on the leaderboards when they are updated each Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This tournament runs from January 15 through the end of the month, and we want to wish everyone who will be playing the best of luck!

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