Net Entertainment Jackpot Pays Out £3 Million

Big progressive jackpots are the ideal for all online slots fans, and that was the case for a lucky player from LeoVegas Casino lately. This player won the largest Net Entertainment jackpot, the top Mega Fortune prize, on the Mega Fortune Dreams online slot. This is a tremendous win worth just under £3 million, and the lucky player couldn’t be happier.
Net Entertainment Jackpot

World Record Payouts

The Mega Fortune progressive jackpot is the largest jackpot that Net Entertainment has to offer. On any online casino list, you’ll find their software offered at some of the best sites running today, and that includes LeoVegas. It has held the world record for the largest win in online gambling history in the past, and it holds several spots on the top 10 jackpot wins ever on the Internet. Generally speaking, it’s always in the top tier of online slots by any metric.

About the Big Net Entertainment Jackpot Win

The big win was to the tune of £2,906,306.34, and it came after a 36-year-old man got home from work and decided to play a few spins to rest. His first thoughts after winning went to his two-month-old daughter, and he was very excited to be able to provide for her on a deeper level than he would have been able to do so otherwise. Overall, it’s an excellent event for him and his family.

Mobile Wins at LeoVegas

An interesting aspect of this win is that it happened via mobile. Playing with the LeoVegas Casino mobile app, he only played with a £20 deposit. This just goes to show that you can win life-changing money while on the go, but it also shows that you don’t need to break the bank to have a chance at winning your fortune on the Mega Fortune Dreams progressive slot. The mobile side of the industry is huge right now, and it’s been the fastest growing segment of the industry as a whole for several years. With big wins like this, it shows no signs of slowing down.

The Biggest NetEnt Progressives

While Mega Fortune is the largest Net Entertainment jackpot, it’s not the only one worth pointing out. Hall of Gods regularly pays out in the range of €4 million to €5 million, and Arabian Nights also pays out in the range of €3 million to €4 million. All three of these games can produce life-changing sums of money in an individual spin, so it’s easy to see why players would be so interested in playing them. Their popularity is directly tied to the amount of money players can win in a given play, so it’s no surprise that they all have sizable followings.

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