Mega Moolah Jackpot Breaks $6.6 Million

Mega Moolah JackpotProgressive jackpots are a big deal for most online casinos. These big prizes bring in tons of interest from players, and the reason for this is that they can completely change a person’s life in a single wager. When it comes to the biggest jackpots out there, the Mega Moolah jackpot is always one of the best, and that’s the case once again because this jackpot has broken the $6.6 million mark. If you hit this big win, then you’re probably never going to have to work again unless you want to, and that’s a pretty big deal.

How the Mega Moolah Jackpot Works

Mega Moolah is Microgaming’s largest progressive slot. This game actually centers around four progressive jackpots, and the largest starts off at a whooping $1 million. That means that hitting the top prize on this game will always mean that you’re an instant millionaire. The smaller jackpots hit more often to give you chances for all kinds of different prizes, and it also includes a free spins bonus feature that can give you even bigger wins. What’s more is that the top static jackpots are pretty large as well, so this is definitely the game for fans who want a shot at some larger prizes.

The Variance Factor

One factor that players have to take into consideration with this game is the inherent variance or volatility. You’re most likely going to have losing sessions when you play with this game because the swings are so crazy. The idea is that most of your sessions will be small losses, but a minority of your sessions will be big wins. These balance out to some degree in the long run, but the effect is that you’ll probably want to use a smaller bet size than usual.

Mega Moolah makes this easy because you can qualify for the progressives with any bet size that’s available. You don’t have to worry about disqualifying yourself because of your bet size choices, and that’s awesome for low stakes players.

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