Join the Bet365 Casino Slots Club This May

Bet365 Casino Slot ClubDifferent online casinos like to handle how they give value to players in different ways, and Bet365 Casino prefers to do it by giving players plenty of different options for boosting their bankrolls at the same time. The Bet365 Casino Slots Club is a good example of this because it runs all month, and it can be used in conjunction with other deals they have going during the month like reload bonuses and cashback rewards.

How the Bet365 Casino Slots Club Works

Here’s how the Slots Club works. Throughout the month of May, you’ll earn comp points on your real money slots play. This will happen at a rate of three points per $10 wagered. The more points you earn, the more prizes you qualify for based on how many days you meet certain point-level milestones. For example, if you collect at least 100 points on 20 different days, you’ll qualify for a $20 minimum prize. Alternatively, you could earn 1,000 points on at least 10 different days for a $100 guaranteed payout.

The largest payout you qualify for during the month will be the one you’re given in the beginning of June, and that will make it really easy for you to continue the process and get more and more value over time.

The Difference Bet365 Casino Makes

Some online casinos give players one or two promotions each month, but Bet365 Casino does something different. They have several promotions running each week, and many of them can be used together to give you value from several different sources. This is the difference in how Bet365 runs things because they know how to look at this type of situation from the perspective of the players. This is how they’re able to always give players what they want whether it’s a wide selection of promotions or hundreds of the most high-quality games available in the online casino industry today.

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