How are online slots different from slot machines?

Slot MachinesEveryone agrees that online casinos are a lonely affair. If you are a fan of hustle, bustle, excitement, quick thumping action with loud cheering; then the slots machines are the one for you. It is entirely a personal choice, whether you want to play online slots or the actual slot machines.

The land based slots machines have the glitz, glamour, allure and of course the ambience for attracting the slots player. The online slots are practically behind the veil when it comes to dealing with the players. The online casinos are in the business of making money. Going to great lengths to attract and retain the players as part of their endeavour to keep the money rolling in for both them and the players.

Convenience Matters

Do you really need additional expenses when you want to play the casino games? An expensive travelling trip, accommodations, food; all these are totally avoided with the online slots. You can play your favourite Online Slots from the comfort of your home or while on the move.

Rather than getting booted out of a land based casino for not following dress protocols or etiquettes; you can be your own master. Who cares if you are playing in your pyjamas or lounging on your sofas? The no protocols, rules or regulations are the ideal factors for playing the online slots.

Wonderful bonuses, offers and promotions

The best part of playing the online slots is the freebies that they are offering to the new players. Take a pick from the varied and excellent collection of slot games that are on offer. You can play them for free before making real money bets. They are practically offering you free money to play at their casinos.

Play them using the bonuses and offers that are available for both the new and existing players.

Better and varied game selection

A major snag faced by the slots machines is their bulky physical weight. The limited floor space can house only so many slots machines. Thus, limiting the number of slot games which can be played by the players. Recalibrating and installing new slot games on them, is both time consuming and cumbersome.

It doesn’t matter in the online slots, whether one or thousands of players are accessing the same game. Internet is vast with unlimited space and bandwidth. So go ahead; logon, and play the game. No more waiting for the slots machines to free up for the players to start their games.

The online slots are great escape mechanisms from the daily drudgery. You can be a star ship trooper saving the world; an alien from outer space; adventurer and explorer; or go undercover. Expect any game theme from the ancient, oriental, modern, warfare or sci-fi to keep you company.

Casinos are bending over backwards to appease the players. HD graphics and an immersive gaming experience supported by excellent sound effect and bonus features are the least which the online slots player expects from a game. They are spoilt for choice among the myriad of new online slots that are released every month.

Variety is the spice of life and even so in the online casinos. You can indulge in 3 reel, 5 reel, single line, multiline or progressive video slots. Take a pick from any of the game theme, which suit your taste, need and of course, your bankroll. Plus, you can open play multiple slot games, in one session, without bothering about losing your place as seen in a real casino.

Bigger and Better payouts

The land based casinos which house the slot machines are forever trying to lure the players with their ambience, free drinks and complimentary offers. This along with the high maintenance costs are quite a deterrent for them to give out big payouts. Compared to the slot machines, the slots are not burdened with all these extra expenditure and hence they can afford to give out higher and bigger payouts.

Banking and money transaction are safe and secure

Get your money handled safely without the added worry of carrying a bagful of cash to the land based casino. The exceptional security measures involving 128-bit encryption, multistep verification and validation processes are undertaken to handle all your banking transactions. It is the only peaceful thought that the slots player has, compared to the slots machine player, who has the fear of getting robbed of his money.

Although it doesn’t matter much, there is a slight time delay when it comes to getting your winnings. It first goes to your casino account and then you have to withdraw using whatever method that you have opted for.
The likely hood of winning in either the online slots or the slots machines is the same. It all depends on luck, money management and of course, common sense. There is always another day to win, in case you end up on the losing side! Take what you win and enjoy the online slots!

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