Reel Spinner Review

Microgaming’s new deep sea fishing themed slot is called Reel Spinner. This is a 5 reel,15 payline slot that boasts a maximum win of over 112,000 coins.

Reel Spinner At

$200 Welcome Bonus or 200 Free Spins
Up to 1,000 Free Spins


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Reel Spinner Slot Review

The Reel Spinner slot is Microgaming’s 5 reel, 15 payline video slot that offers players a glimpse into the world of deep sea fishing. Players can expect to play against a blue sky and open waters, giving them the impression that they are really out in the open ocean, trying their luck with some of the sea’s most elusive creatures. This is a very alluring sort of title, thanks to the great graphics offered by Microgaming, but it also comes with a variety of additional perks that might just turn this game into a player’s new favourite.

Game Themes and Features

The main theme of the Reel Spinner slot is of course deep sea fishing, so players will likely come across a variety of similarly themed symbols, including a reel, compass and a variety of sea dwelling creatures such as flying fish and even a swordfish. As any deep sea fisherman will know, this is a sport that sometimes takes patience, but also has the potential to really pay off, and this might be why the theme is such an apt choice for this video slot.

There are a variety of exciting features being offered with the Reel Spinner slot, including wilds and scatters. The game logo itself represents the wild symbol and it is something that players will definitely want to keep an eye out for, since it offers some great bonuses.

How To Play the Reel Spinner Slot

Players will have to start off by setting their bets before making the decision to play the Reel Spinner slot and they can do this by adjusting their coin size. From there, players can have the reels spin on their behalf by clicking on the “autoplay” button, or have them spin each time the player clicks the “spin” button. Players can also opt to have the maximum possible bet placed on each spin by clicking on the “max bet” button. Overall, the simple game play will add to the enjoyment of this title.

Bonus Rounds and Free Spins

Wild symbols, which in the Reel Spinner slot is represented by the game’s logo, substitute for all others, except for the scatter symbols. These symbols not only make up wins when combined with other potential symbols, but they also make up wins when they appear on the reels on their own, making them some of the most exciting symbols within the game.

The free spins round begins when three of the scatter symbols, represented by the Swordfish, appear on the reels. This free spins round can land players with as many as 20 free spins, which is an exciting number, but this is not all. Players might also be lucky enough to win 5x multipliers along with the free spins, and this can equate to some really big wins indeed.

Coins and Betting Range

Players can bet coins in sizes ranging from 0.01 to 0.05, allowing for a larger betting range. Players can also bet between 0.15 and 11.25 per spin, making each spin of the reels more exciting. Larger bets tend to equate to larger wins, so this is something players should keep in mind when it comes to placing their bets.


Microgaming has introduced yet another exciting title to players who enjoy video slots with the chance of winning some really great prizes. While the theme might not be entirely unique, this does not mean that players will not enjoy taking their chances at the reels, attempting to reel in some big fish. Overall, players will likely find this to be an enjoyable addition to the slot title market.

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