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For us, it’s usually an easy time to get to a consensus if we like or dislike a slot. Although some of us like different types of games , we…

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£1,100 Welcome Bonus plus 130 Free Spins
100% Bonus up to Unlimited


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For us, it’s usually an easy time to get to a consensus if we like or dislike a slot. Although some of us like different types of games , we can usually easily agree when a title is fun to play, when it’s a bit boring, but has good value, and when something is just plain garbage.

Reactoonz is rather rare in that regard that some of us swore it was their newest favourite, while others condemned it as simply not worth their time. For us, it’s continued proof that slot companies keep hiring animators who desperately want to work on children’s cartoons while making fun and interesting titles.

Reactoonz is played on a 7×7 grid, and has several interesting special features involved in it, and it’s these things that really make the game shine through. The most important aspect to keep in mind are the Cascading Reels – the game makes great use of this to activate the other bonuses, and it allows you to chain wins together, as they pay in clusters of five or more symbols.

Beyond these, you have several quantum features that require filling up, a Giantoonz that forms a giant version of existing symbols when four of them create a square, fluctuating symbols that are randomly picked each spin, and reward Wilds when part of a winning combination, and much, much more.


It’s tough to compete with Sweden when it comes to online gambling. Many giants have come from their country, and Play’n’Go are no exception. The studio was founded in Sweden back in 2004, and carved its own place in the sun by creating fun and interesting slots to play that didn’t always follow the same formula.

There’s a reason why this developer keep sweeping the awards – most recently, they won best Casino Supplier award at the EGR Italy Awards back in October, and Viking Runecraft, another title of theirs, was in the short list to make Game of the Year. Indeed, Play’n’Go seem to be doing quite nice for themselves – and we wish them many more years of success.

How to play it

We’ve already given it an off-hand mention above, but it really does feel like a lot of developers from Sweden are adopting a really cartoonish approach. Now, there’s nothing really wrong with this, as some cartoons like South Park show that adult content isn’t bound to realistic mediums, but a lot of this really appears child-like, and Reactoonz feels similar in this regard. It will ultimately come down to taste, but for us, it wasn’t that enjoyable as far as graphics go.

Meanwhile, on the gameplay front, it feels like Play’n’Go hit that sweet spot for a proper high variance game. For us, it was a mixed bag – some of us were in a deep minus, specifically due to the extremely low paytable, but others came out with wins that went 300x the wager from a single spin, and we’ve seen some winners on the internet go even higher than that. The winning potential is certainly there in Reactoonz, but like any proper high volatility slot, it keeps its cards close to its chest until it’s ready to drop.

Special Features

There’s a fair few bonuses involved, so let’s get started on them right away. Giantoonz and Fluctuations are ones that will most commonly appear on the playing field. The first forms when four same symbols form a square, at which point they bind together into a mega-symbol, and all wins that are part of it get their prize doubled. Fluctuations, on the other hand, are the swirling purple-blue light behind one set of icons, which is randomly chosen each spin. Once these marked symbols are part of a winning combination, they spawn two Wilds in their place.

All wins fill up a meter on the top right of the screen, which can be completed a total of four times. Each time it fills up, it unlocks one of the four Quantum Features, which activate when the cascading reels stop chaining wins together. Implosion transforms some symbols into Wilds and destroys adjacent icons, Incision spawns a Wild in the middle of the grid and destroys everything in a diagonal direction, demolition destroys all the one-eyed aliens, and alteration chooses one icon and transforms it into another.

Finally, once you fill it up the fifth time, the big, three-eyed alien sitting on the right side of the screen appears three times. First, as a giant 3×3 Wild, then as two 2×2 Wilds, and finally, nine 1×1 Wilds all over the reels, which is a near guaranteed massive win on top of a series of lucky scores you have to get to unlock this.

Maximum Payouts

All the above mentioned special features are good and important, but they’re all at the mercy of the cascading reels to be unlocked. Play’n’Go seemed to have built this to be a proper high volatile slot – you’re going to have to grind your teeth and keep spinning over and over until the game lets you have your big break, which is usually properly massive. It all depends on your luck at the end of it – you either get a big score and think it’s the best thing ever, or it eats your coins and you walk off a sore loser.


Overall, despite mixed receptions, we eventually all agreed that it has good paying potential. It’s not amazing visually, and we’re getting a bit tired of the children’s cartoons style, but if you’ve been itching for a good slot with high variance, you should be pretty happy with Reactoonz from Play’n’Go.

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