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Mini Roulette If other versions of roulette seem like they have too much going on for your tastes, then mini roulette can be a way to enjoy this classic game…

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Mini Roulette

If other versions of roulette seem like they have too much going on for your tastes, then mini roulette can be a way to enjoy this classic game in a simplified environment. Instead of using the numbers 0 through 36, this game is based on just the numbers 0 through 12. Many of the same types of bets are available in this version of roulette, but it’s just on a smaller scale. The smaller number of available bets makes it easier to know exactly what the payouts are on every type of bet you can make, and it makes it easier to manage all of your possible strategic options.

The Basic Bets of Mini Roulette

There are two basic types of bets that you’ll make in this game. The first is a straight-up bet which is a bet on a single number, and this pays out at 11:1 in mini roulette. The second most common type of bet is called an evens bet, and there are a number of those. The evens bets include odd, even, red and black, and they all pay out at 1:1. When you’re starting out in mini roulette, then these are the two types of bets that you will stick to. You have a low risk wager with a low reward in the evens bets, and you have a high risk bet with a high reward when you place a straight-up bet. This is enough to keep new players happy when they first start playing, but sooner or later, you’re going to want to get into more advanced strategies.

Calculating Complicated Payouts

One problem that people have with mini roulette is that the payouts are a little different than other forms of online roulette. To help correct this issue, we have a simple shortcut that you can use to figure out the payout rate for any bet that you place. Divide 12 by the number of squares that your bet covers, and subtract one from what you get. This is the payout rate for that bet.

For example, you can place what’s called a corner bet that will win on four different numbers by placing your chips on the intersection between those four squares. For example, you could place this bet by putting your chips on the intersection between two, three, five and six. Since this covers four numbers, you divide 12 by 4 to get 3. Subtract one from that, and you’ll get that a corner bet gives you a 2:1 payout rate.

Advanced Strategies

You can also vary bet sizes to create advanced strategies in mini roulette. For example, you could combine a $1 straight-up bet on the number 8 with a $3 evens bet on even numbers to give yourself chances at different types of payouts. If you hit the 8 jackpot, then you’ll get 11:1 on $1 for the straight-up bet and 1:1 on the $3 evens bet for a total profit of $14 on a $4 bet. If you hit an even number that’s not eight, then you’ll get a profit of $2 total. You can see how this creates multiple payout levels that you wouldn’t normally have in this game.

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