Leprechaun Goes to Hell Review

Slots have covered Hell and Leprechauns many times over, but we don’t think it ever got to the point where they combined them until now. Not that it isn’t an…

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$200 Welcome Bonus or 200 Free Spins
£1,100 Welcome Bonus plus 130 Free Spins


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Slots have covered Hell and Leprechauns many times over, but we don’t think it ever got to the point where they combined them until now. Not that it isn’t an amusing combination, as even from the starting screen in which the game explains some important stuff you’ll want to pay attention to, clicking on Evilene, the hot she-devil, will net a humorous reaction.

So, Leprechaun Goes to Hell is a 5 reel 25 payline slot that offer a rather humorous setup and laces it with interesting, if a bit average special features. The real draw for this game is in the offered progressive jackpot, which will no doubt leave many a gamblers looking at their wallets to give it a spin or two.

Beyond the thrill of trying to hit one of the four jackpots that keep ticking up in value as you play, Play’n’Go’s release offers you the ability to heat up the temperature and increase your odds of winning big by finding demonic hearts which trigger the infernal bonus. It offers ten free spins, and all wins are doubled while they’re active.

And in case you missed that one avenue of double wins, you can also guaranteed a 2x multiplier to be applied every time the Leprechaun and Evilene are part of the same winning combination. It all comes together to form an interesting title that’s worth a few spins, though it isn’t without some downsides.


Play’n’Go was founded back in 2004, a Swedish studio bent on carving their own place in the sun. After a string of successful releases, they’ve grown far and wide, expanding into Hungary and Malta, and as of a few months ago, they’ve also opened an office in central London to cater to the growing market of fans there, too.

With awards coming from all sides and one successful game after another, they’re a show that small studios can pull through and expand, and we certainly hope to see more fresh blood take the stage and relive the Play’n’Go dream.

How to play it

Looking through it all, however, it’s easy to see that Leprechaun Goes to Hell isn’t that beautiful. It has a fair bit of style, but in a world of smooth animations, it seems like it’s year or two behind everyone else. Little details like the aforementioned start screen do help offset a little bit of that disappointment, but it can be a bit odd looking at first glance, and takes a bit of getting used to.

The core gameplay loop will have you hitting regular, very small wins, thanks to the way the paytable is structured. This is mostly a preference, but these minor scores serve as little more than distractions, if not minor annoyances when they pay out less than what you wagered. Instead, the big money makers in Play’n’Go’s release are the progressive jackpots, and a lucky go at the various special features it has on offer.

Special Features

Admittedly, when you first launch Leprechaun Goes to Hell, it can be a bit tough to keep track of all the things it offers you. However, a bit of time getting familiar should have you right on track. The first bonus is an admittedly minor one, but we’re quite fond of it. The game features two Wilds, the succubus, and the leprechaun himself. Every time they are part of the same winning combination, that win is doubled in value.

Beyond that, there are also two free spin bonuses, too. The ordinary one is activated by three or more Pots of Gold, and rewards ten extra turns and a 2x multiplier to all wins.

And yes, you can stack it with the leprechaun and succubus to make it go up to an x4 multiplier. The second special feature also offers ten free spins, but it plays them on a much smaller set of reels, in which wins not only bring money, but also heat up the reels, increasing your odds at getting the bigger progressive jackpot.

Maximum Payouts

For big scores, it’s a whole lot of luck, and hopefully chaining together the small wins in order to increase your own wins. We didn’t have much luck with this Play’n’Go release, unfortunately.

It has its fair share of quirks, and we’d label it in the medium variance once you get out of the hole and winning beyond the somewhat disappointing paytable. Regardless, this isn’t a slot that’s going to break any casino’s bank, so you shouldn’t come into it expecting a life changing win.


Leprechaun Goes to Hell has a few systems in play, and they don’t all mesh up quite as well as they could. We had fun spinning through it, and we’ve managed to see everything except for the progressive jackpot while playing through it, but it’s fair to say that it has a few flaws here and there. Is it enough for us not to recommend it?

Not really. They are relatively minor things, and shouldn’t get in the way if you’re the type of gambler who loves the thrill of a progressive jackpot looming.

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