$13,000 Video Slot Tournament for March Hits Omni Casino

Video Slot TournamentOne of the things about online casino play is that it allows for a lot of flexibility when it comes to tournament formats. There are plenty of different sites that handle these events in completely different ways, but at Omni Casino, they have one of the most balanced video slot tournament formats that you’ll find in the industry. During the last half of March, they’re going to be holding an event with a $13,000 prize pool, and players can take advantage of their fair approach to breaking up players into different groups based on stakes.

How This Video Slot Tournament is Different

In most tournaments that use a leaderboard format, everyone is thrown into a group, and all of the players in the event are up against each other. With Omni Casino’s $13,000 Irish Luck IV tournament, players are going to be broken up into three different groups based on bet size. To get a qualifying spin, you’ll need to wager at least $0.75 per spin on games with anywhere from 15 to 40 paylines. Each qualifying spin gets you a point, so you can get in on the action for less than a dollar per spin with no problem whatsoever.

This event is going to run from March 15 through March 31, 2015. What’s awesome about this event is that extra $50 prizes are going to be given at random if you nail the right positions on the leaderboards when they update. You’ll also be able to pick up a booster prize of $150 if you score at least 115,000 points. That becomes $300 if you break the 135,000-point level. Overall, this is a pretty incredible set of prizes that players are competing for, and all you have to do is get in on the action on your favorite games that qualify.

The Omni Casino Difference

The difference between this tournament format and others is that you won’t have to go up against people who have tons of money to spend if you play small stakes. That keeps it fair and fun.

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